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Andy Gundry

Andy Gundry TCInstCES, Head of Utilities – Plowman Craven

Q: What is your background and what brought you into the trenchless industry?

I have worked in the Utility industry for almost 18 years, having begun my career as a Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Quantity Surveyor. I am now responsible for Plowman Craven’s Utilities department. For me it’s all about trying to save lives. If a utility survey went wrong and somebody hits a power cable the results can be life-changing, if not worse. My No.1 priority is the person stood on the ground with a PDF print out and a pick axe in their hand. I thrive to ensure all deliverables and trenchless survey techniques are to the highest standard when avoiding below ground assets.

Q: How/why did you get involved in UKSTT?

The idea of the UKSTT appealed to me with my work ethic and the change I want to make within the industry, I wanted to introduce a wider level of experience in to the society, with the ability to promote trenchless solutions for locating and identifying below ground assets/anomalies.

Q: What goals do you want to achieve as a UKSTT Council Member?

much of what I do is trying to find ways to improve the way we do things. So that means bringing outputs up to date, incorporating PAS128 into all surveys, improving workflows, improving Health & Safety of teams on site, introducing innovative equipment and adapting existing equipment… Being a part of the UKSTT will allow me to implement change or assist in making change if not give patrons new ideas on how to operate and innovate in the surveys they conduct.

Q: What do you currently see as the industry’s most urgent challenges?

Understanding of both the H&S implications of below ground utilities and the restrictions associated with the trenchless technologies. Having the ability to mitigate the risks at design stage is key, having the knowledge and abilities to form an achievable scope is a requirement.

Q: Where would you like to see UKSTT in 5 years?

Would love to see the UKSTT, leading the way in consulting of large schemes many more supporters or followers contributing to the industry or learning from the society and the level of expertise.


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