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The Patron’s role within the society is one of support and to assist the society in meeting its educational aims. This can be done by directly supporting promotional and educational activities alongside or in conjunction with other UKSTT events and programmes with attendance encouragement, provision of facilities and/or catering, and the general encouragement of meeting the society’s aims of increasing the knowledge, use, and awareness of trenchless technology and systems for the benefit of the society and the environment.

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Chris PackhamChris Packham-Honorary Patron

It is a surprising but real honour to be a patron of the UKSTT .
You see , despite a supposed gulf between biology and engineering there is a real bridge in both interest and ingenuity here .
I am constantly astonished by the rapidity of invention and technical innovation shown by the members and enjoy the opportunity to help promote the multitude of benefits which we all enjoy on account of these to a wider audience and celebrate them at the annual awards ceremony .
I now not only admire moles and badgers but also those remarkable devices which tunnel , line , restore and repair with equal skill .

Bristol WaterBristol Water was founded over 170 years ago on the principle of being for everyone, not just the wealthy few. To this day, they continue to run their business in this way, whether that be campaigning against plastic pollution or providing excellent facilities such as Chew Valley Lake for everyone to enjoy.

Cadent Gas owns, operates and maintains the largest gas distribution network in the UK, transporting gas to 11 million homes and businesses across West Midlands, North West England, East of England and North London

Northern Ireland Water is a Government Owned Company (GoCo), set up in April 2007, that provides the water and sewerage services in Northern Ireland.

We supply drinking water to approximately 840,000 households and businesses, supplying customers with approximately 560 million litres per day. We collect approximately 330 million litres of wastewater per day from around 669,000 households and organisations for treatment and disposal.

Our strategy focuses on putting our customers first. We aim to deliver what matters for our customers in terms of excellence of service, protecting health, safeguarding the environment and promoting a strong regional economy.

SuttonWe are a water-only company and supply customers in East Surrey, and parts of West Sussex, west Kent and south London
Our supply area covers 835 sq km (322 sq miles), much of it rural.
Drinking water is supplied to approximately 655,000 consumers in 280,000 properties.

85 per cent of our raw water is extracted from underground resources using borehole pumps. It’s hard, and is softened before we put it into supply.
On average we supply 160 million litres per day (35 million gallons/day). This can rise to 260 million litres (57 million gallons/day) on a hot summer’s day.

An average domestic household in our area uses around 475 litres a day (104 gallons/day). How much do you use?
An average consumer in our area uses around 160 litres a day (35 gallons/day). We employ approximately 230 people locally.

Scottish Water are trusted to care for the water on which Scotland depends and are proud of the service we provide – every day we:
• deliver 1.52 billion litres of clear, fresh drinking water and;
• remove 1.10 billion litres of waste water which we treat, recover resources from and return safely to the environment.
The water and waste water services we deliver are vital to the daily lives of 2.61 million households and more than 150,000 business premises, and support a flourishing Scotland.

With over 2,000 treatment works and more than 60,000 miles of pipes we support communities across Scotland.

Our focus is on delivering an excellent service, providing great value for money, and reducing our effect on the environment, going beyond net zero emissions.
As one of the UK’s top performing water companies, our customers and communities are at the heart of everything we do.

We continue to invest to deliver further improvements to drinking water quality, protect the environment and contribute to the Scottish economy.

To find out more about Scottish Water and our services, visit
and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Water is essential to life and to the communities in which we work.
Our focus is delivering the best quality drinking water and returning waste water safely to the environment today, tomorrow and for the longer term. Our last 25-year strategy document, ‘Focus on water’ was launched in 2007.
It sets out longer term aspirations as a water company.

Since we produced ‘Focus on water’, our core aspirations have stayed the same, but the external environment in which we work has continued to evolve; the challenges we face are changing, and so are our customers’ expectations. We’re currently updating our strategy to reflect this dynamic environment.

Each day Southern Water supply 521 million litres of drinking water from their 83 water treatment works along 13,887 kilometres of water mains to their customers taps. Nearly 70% of the water is from underground sources, 23% from rivers and 7% from storage reservoirs.
Each day, Southern Water treat and recycle 718 million litres of wastewater at 365 treatment works after is is pumped through a network of 2,375 pumping stations and 39,600 kilometres of sewers.

United Utilities is proud to be a Patron of UKSTT and to help promote technologies that minimise the impact of our work. We aim to reduce any unnecessary impact on our customers and also on the environment whilst operating and maintaining over 100,000Km of underground pipes.

The water industry regulator recognised Wessex Water as the best water and sewerage company in England and Wales (2010-11) and Ofwat identified us as one of the most efficient water and sewerage companies in England and Wales.
We firmly believe that customers are stakeholders in the company along with the environment and trenchless technologies, as promoted by the UKSTT, have consistently proved beneficial in reducing costs, environmental impact, CO2 omissions and disruption with associated socio-economic costs.
Wessex Water are proud joint winners of the ISTT world prize for ‘Innovation’ in Rome 2007 and Toronto 2009.

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