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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

UKSTT Corporate Social ResponsibilityStrategy
For the UKSTT to succeed in its Corporate Social Responsibility policy it must build the strategy around its core
competencies. Whereas CSR was once seen as a peripheral approach to boosting
business performance and legitimacy, today’s best CSR initiatives are squarely brand
aligned and central to the operational strategy. Therefore, Connecting CSR to
business strategy is increasingly a corporate best practice and the Society should align
its CSR strategy with its key objectives, strengths, knowledge and partnerships

The Society has great wealth in industry knowledge and experience. It uses these
assets to education the Trenchless Industry on the latest innovations, practices and
advance the technology for the benefit of all stakeholders.
The Council members and the Society continually engage other international
organisations to constantly research the markets for inventions and innovations.
These are then shared around it membership as the industry.
The UKSTT has a vast knowledge base, with access to the International Society for
Trenchless Technology’s peer reviewed articles and in-depth case studies from the
global community.
Partnerships are important to any business particularly when looking at the population
in general. With this in mind, the Society have formed and are actively promoting
their cooperation with the Pipeline Industries Guild on the Green Alliance.

Sustainability Management Process
For the Society to achieve its CSR objectives it should employ a sustainability
management process and should ideally be repeated on an annual basis

Read the full CSR policy document here UKSTT Corporate Social Responsibility

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