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Glanville Geospatial’s Groundbreaking Confined Space Drone Redefining Sewer Surveys


Glanville Geospatial’s Groundbreaking Confined Space Drone Redefining Sewer Surveys

In May Glanville Geospatial made an exciting new investment in a confined space drone that is set to revolutionise sewer surveys. Since then, the team has been meticulously testing the drone, and we are thrilled to share the remarkable results from their first on-site flight in June, where the team surveyed a vital tunnel for South West Water in Salcombe. This monumental 720-meter-long, 1600mm diameter tunnel holds immense importance as a link between the center of Salcombe and the SPS, a vital infrastructure developed as part of the clean sweep program three decades ago. Despite its significance, minimal records were available about its condition, presenting the Geospatial team with a formidable challenge.

The team’s collaboration with South West Water for this critical survey began back in September 2022, and on the 5th of June, they finallyGlanville Geospatial's Space Drone completed the survey, using the groundbreaking confined space drone technology. The innovative approach allowed the team to explore the challenging tunnel comprehensively, providing detailed footage and data that conventional means could never achieve. South West Water had only a few as-built drawings and no recorded inspections of the tunnel since its installation, making the drone survey even more valuable in assessing its condition.

To ensure optimal results, meticulous planning was crucial. The team strategically scheduled the survey during spring tides, capitalising on extended daylight hours and calm weather forecasts. This careful planning minimised disruptions during the operation and, above all, prioritised personnel safety.

Safety has always been the paramount concern, and the on-site safety team diligently implemented rigorous safety procedures to create a secure environment for the survey. Prior to commencing work, they took careful measures by lifting inspection covers (manholes) to allow a Glanville Geospatial's Space Drone minimum of one hour of ventilation. To effectively monitor gas levels, gas monitors were strategically placed at both ends of the pipe, providing meticulous readings that were diligently recorded.

The confined space drone proved to be a game-changer in this instance, showcasing its advanced capabilities to explore inaccessible areas within the tunnel and capture comprehensive and detailed footage. This pioneering solution has set a remarkable benchmark for future infrastructure projects, demonstrating the transformative power of technology in preserving lives, conserving resources, and elevating sewer surveying efficiency towards a more sustainable and promising future for the industry.

We are thrilled to have the confined space drone as a valuable asset, propelling Glanville Geospatial forward as a leader in the field of innovative surveying solutions. We can’t wait to share more of their exciting drone projects soon.

Glanville Geospatial's Space Drone

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