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SVI Supports Anglian Water

steve vickSVI Supports Anglian Water with one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe

The Steve Vick International Contract Services team recently assisted Anglian Water, through JN Bentley, in a project which involved building a new network of interconnecting water pipelines from Lincoln to Grantham. The 34 km section starts south of Lincoln, near Waddington, and ends near Harrowby, east of Grantham.

This project is part of a bigger project with Anglian Water to create hundreds of kilometres of new, interconnection water mains to keep fresh, clean water flowing across the region. It is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe. Once complete, the new network of pipelines will be longer than any UK motorway and will help tackle future water shortages.

The SVI Contract Service team provided grout filling operations on the new pipework running under road sections across the 34 km stretch. The grout filling operation involved filling the annular space between the concrete / steel sleeve and the new PE or steel water main. Sizes ranging from 1,200mm to 400mm.

The grouting enabled the void between the two pipes to be filled ensuring that the newly inserted water main was protected from the risk of damage from the weight of the earth from the road above and the unnecessary ingress of extraneous matter or animals. The grout will help to maintain the pipes strength and structure and prevent damage to the sleeve ensuring the integrity of the road surface.

JN Bentley, Works Manager, Andy Young commented, “We were thrilled with the work Steve Vick carried out for us on this infrastructure project. The gravity-fed grout offered a safe, fast, and cost-effective solution to filling the annular space and will help prevent damage to this newly inserted water pipeline keeping fresh, clean water flowing across the network.”

SVI have a rich history of working on a variety of grouting projects for different industries.  SVI have used grout to fill old fuel lines on the air side of Heathrow Airport where the airplanes taxi and have also completed a number of railway projects such as the A2 railway crossing in Dartford where grout was used to fill the annular space in a 120-metre-long length of pipe.


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