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RSM continue to supply the full package

RSM RSM continue to supply the full package

Over the years RSM Lining Supplies Global Ltd’s core ethos has remained unwavering – to provide the full package of choice and technology to the Sewer Rehabilitation industry.

Constantly looking to develop their product inventory with the latest technologies and ensure they continue to uphold the fantastic customer service they are known for, RSM offer a variety of industry proven brands upheld by the highest quality of technical service and support.

This mentality has driven the development of a multitude of products available to the market exclusively through RSM – perhaps their most RSM Rapid seal expanderwell-known being RSM Pipe Aid. They began manufacturing their very own RSM Pipe Aid kits back in 2015 as there became a growing need for a readily available solution containing everything required to complete a watertight Patch Repair.

In the last 9 years, the popularity of their Pipe Aid kits has increased exponentially with a significant increase in sales year upon year. In their first year of supply, they distributed just over 4,500 Pipe Aid Kits – 8 years on in 2023 they distributed over 40,000 kits, and their team are now producing a minimum of 1000 a week.

Incredibly user friendly, RSM’s Pipe Aid kits are manufactured in-house to ensure only the highest possible quality of goods is supplied. They are available in winter, summer, and fast cure silicate resins in any diameter, and provide a permanent and watertight repair.  All versions of the silicate resins cure in the presence of water, are highly resistant to chemicals, and bond excellently to virtually all pipe materials.

RSM Rapid sealRSM’s materials range isn’t just limited to point repair, they also supply a range of specialist liners for all applications, inclusive of Speedy Liner, Magmaflex, Fero Force, and the Echo Liner range.

Magmaflex has been developed specifically for use in complex pipe repairs in which multiple diameter changes are present. It has the capability of lining through multiple 90-degree bends without forming any wrinkles or folds. It is available in diameters from 50 to 450mm and is suitable for ambient, hot, and UV LED cure.

Developed specifically for the structural rehabilitation of pressure pipes & rising mains, Fero Force was introduced to the industry by RSM back in 2020. Fero Force is an inversion liner reinforced with fibreglass, it has the capability to withstand positive pressure of up to 12 bar and RSM offer a full design service upon enquiry. Fero Force is available in diameters ranging from 150mm+ and is factory impregnated at RSM’s headquarters before delivery to site in refrigerated transport, ready for installation.

2023 saw the development of RSM’s Echo Liner with the introduction of Echo Glass & Echo Diameter Change. First brought to market RSM Liningback in 2020, Echo Liner offers a flexible lining solution for sewer rehabilitation with the capability to go round bends up to 90 degrees. It is seam-free to guarantee optimum flexibility and compatible with all curing methods.

Echo Glass has a circular knit construction reinforced with fibreglass – the addition of glass offers a higher strength characteristic than with traditional Echo Liner whilst still maintaining the same degree of flexibility. Echo Diameter Change has a similar material construction but also includes elastomeric yarns to increase the elasticity of the liner. This means it has the capability to undertake two diameter changes, making it the perfect solution when rehabilitating host pipes demonstrating multiple different internal diameters. All Echo Liner variants have the capability to go round bends of up to 90 degrees and are compatible with Epoxy, Silicate, and UV LED Vinylester resins.

Back in 2020 RSM noticed a gap in the market and introduced the Rapid Seal Family of products – including their Grout and Expander Shot. Rapid Seal Grout is a cement based, all-in-one repair mortar used to stop the flow of infiltration in manholes or accessible points in need of repair. In contrast, Rapid Seal Expander Shot is used to halt the flow of water ingress coming through at multiple points or when the flow is extreme. This is achieved when the mixture is injected into or near the point in need of remediation. The fluid cures instantaneously expanding to 30 times its volume. This fills any cavity caused by wash away and any cracks or holes in which water was previously coming from.

Committed to supporting their customers across all avenues, in 2021 RSM developed the very first WRc Approved, EU Skills Accredited, CIPP Lining & Patching Training Course available in the UK. After having offered training and consultancy services for over a decade, RSM’s technical team offer an in-depth education of the world of CIPP, offering an understanding of all levels of lining and patching to increase the quality of workmanship within the CIPP industry and ensure correct practices give a quality product to the asset owner. The course is designed specifically for drainage engineers, water authorities, site managers, and tier 1 contractors. It offers confidence that all attendees are trained to a high skill level and can successfully install liners & patches in diameters up to 300mm. To date, RSM have had over 500 engineers pass the course with flying colours and received fantastic feedback.

Always striving to supply the full package, RSM developed their mobile app in 2023 to provide customers with on-hand support inRSM LINING all circumstances. An industry first, RSM bring multiple aspects of the CIPP industry under one roof in a simple, easy to use app which houses helpful tools and information to utilise both in the office and on site.

The new & improved RSM app boasts multiple features, inclusive of an online shop, marketplace, recruitment area, resin & cure time calculators, and advertising space. The app’s easy-to-navigate online shop contains a variety of RSM’s core range of CIPP materials & equipment, available for purchase for next day delivery. It also contains a ‘learn’ section with informative videos and documentation for each product, such as technical and safety data sheets.

The marketplace is a quality-controlled space in which users can advertise & purchase used CIPP equipment or unrequired materials. This is a completely free of charge feature and is a great way for you to release capital for new investments.

The app also has the facility for employers to create and post job advertisements to be seen by potential candidates within the CIPP market. This is a fantastic feature that guarantees job advertisement will be seen by the right people. Users looking for employment can find industry-specific jobs and obtain all required details to apply directly through the app.

RSM LININGRSM’s previous app’s main function was their resin & cure time calculators which have been upgraded to make your life easier on-site. It encompasses a variety of technical details, inclusive of resin consumption calculators, cure time calculators & liner technical details. The app is completely free to use and is available for download for both Apple & Android users now by searching for ‘RSM’ in the app store.

Even more firsts came in 2023 with the introduction of RSM’s first ever camera system, the Gecko Cam. The Gecko Cam is a push-rod camera system with a self-levelling camera head, available with options of 40, 60, 80 and 120 metres of cable. It is WinCan compatible and suitable for diameters up to 300mm and is fast becoming a firm favourite for CCTV inspection within the wastewater industry.

RSM supply the full package of technical knowledge, equipment, services, and materials to the wastewater industry. RSM’s Sales Director, Phil Steele, commented: “Our investment into continual product development ensures we are always at the forefront of the industry and our customers can trust that we supply only the highest quality materials and equipment”.

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