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Jun 23 2022


12:00 pm

The ‘Other’ Existential Crisis – Making Our Industry Nature Positive

The ‘Other’ Existential Crisis – Making Our Industry Nature Positive

Speaker: Stephanie Wray, Chief Sustainability Officer, RSK Group


An Overview :

Businesses around the world, buoyed up by the COP26 meeting in Glasgow last year, are focussed on the route to net zero. In this talk, Dr Stephanie Wray will make the case that climate change isn’t the issue that should be taking our attention. Climate change is just a single symptom of the problem; the problem is unsustainable use of resources. To deliver sustainable development we need to deal with the complexity of our interactions with the natural environment and manage our dependence and impacts on biodiversity, ecosystem services and natural capital assets. She will cover: using the UNSDGs to assess sustainability performance; benchmarking and baselining; setting targets; and reporting.

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