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Jun 24 2021


11:00 am

Short Term Testing & QA of CIPP Liners

Title: Short Term Testing and QA of CIPP Liners

When a new pipe is installed quality assurance will have been applied throughout the manufacturing, storage and delivery process, and it is possible to finally reject any defective sections as they are laid in the trench. With trenchless pipe rehabilitation the ‘new pipe’ is created out of sight by a curing process within the host pipe on the day of installation, and is usually expected to have a life span as long as a new pipe. Installation has been described as ‘conducting complex chemistry in the bottom of a ditch’! This webinar will consider the development of QA for CIPP linings of gravity sewers, in particular how short term mechanical tests on samples taken from installed liners are used to assess the success of installation and curing.

Speakers: Ian Naismith, PhD, Senior Research Fellow Project Manager, UK & International and Dieter Homann, Director of Material Testing at IKT.


Dr Iain Naismith is a Senior Research Fellow at IKT with 35 years’ experience in environmental, water and sewerage related research. Based in the UK, he has a particular focus on international projects and knowledge sharing for this not-for-profit engineering research institute. He has been involved in the evaluation of performance of sewerage repair and rehabilitation products and products in contact with drinking water for some 20 years.


Dieter Homann is Director of Material Testing at IKT and is an expert on sewer rehabilitation assessment and quality control. He is a member of German and Swiss Expert Committees on sewer rehabilitation and is a co-author of the annual IKT-LinerReport.

The event is finished.

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