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Dec 12 2023


2:00 pm

Key findings from a comparison of pressure sewer rehabilitation technologies

Key findings from a comparison of pressure sewer rehabilitation technologies

Category: Rehabilitation
Presenter: Dr. Iain Naismith
Organization: IKT Institute
Date: 12 December 2023
Time: 09:00 US EDT, 14:00 GMT


Iain Naismith and Markus Gillar of IKT will present and answer questions on the findings from a comparative evaluation of six systems for rehabilitating pressure sewers. This three-year, 1:1 scale project was undertaken on behalf of a group of German sewer network owners to help them understand the capabilities and limitations of a selection of available technologies for rehabilitating pressure sewers using Class A, fully structural liners. Two close-fit and four cured-in-place-liners were examined and the findings have been used to advise network owners on quality assurance measures they need to consider when embarking on pressure sewer re-lining projects.

About Dr. Iain Naismith

Dr Iain Naismith is a Senior Research Fellow at IKT with 35 years of experience in environmental, water and sewerage-related research. Based in the UK, he has a particular focus on international projects and knowledge sharing for this not-for-profit engineering research institute. He has been involved in the evaluation of performance of sewerage repair and rehabilitation products and products in contact with drinking water for some 20 years.

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