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API-PIPA Successfully offers a pipe inspection solution

PIPAAPI-PIPA Successfully offers a pipe inspection solution on a reservoir inlet working with diving company UDS.

Scope of Works
API was recently contacted by water utility contractor. The client had identified a possible pipe restriction or potential issue and required a live survey to include a valve assessment.

Project Challenges
The pipeline is situated directly off an in use reservoir and deeply buried.

The pipeline is 18 inch cast iron and fully submerged.

Length of pipe to be inspected is 146 metres and located off a valve tower.

API Inspection Solution
API working alongside Underwater Diving Services, completed a unique reservoir pipe inspection project. API used a PIPA pressure rated inspection system with Underwater Diving Services providing support with a full diving team. The diver helped insert the camera sensor into the inlet opening, from there our team carried out full inspection survey along the pipeline with locating the inlet valve to confirm its current position and condition.



PIPA Pressurised CCTV unit the Flowrider includes a 1050 metre cable

Survey results
 API successfully surveyed the pipeline located within a reservoir
 The pipe inlet point was under water and camera was manually handled by a diving team.
 Tethered insertion technology system allowed for pipe features and fittings to be identified in real time
 System is portable and was carried 70 metres to the entry point, and is self-powered via batteries
 Complete survey completed in one insertion on a single day

Images shows how the API site team alongside the UDS diving team successfully completed the survey within the reservoir.      

It would have been very difficult and expensive for contractor to identify any pipeline issues within the reservoir without the need to drain down.

API completed the inspection in 1 working day, and in total successfully identified pipeline and valve condition, now part of an ongoing monitoring solution.

API representative said- The project was a great success, Ideal due to the difficult pipe location and also a great case study for our company. The contractor had exhausted all other pipeline inspection avenues, and was more than relieved when we offered a solution.

PIPA has also delivered successful projects with the majority of the UK water utility companies, and now offers the technology globally.



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