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A whole island rehabilitated by BRAWOLINER

A whole island rehabilitated by BRAWOLINER®.

S1E Ltd supply and provide onsite support alongside BRAWO SYSTEMS GmbH, as Drain It Ltd tackle the Jersey drainage system.

Drain It Ltd are drainage specialists in Jersey, with thirty-four years of industry experience performing both domestic and commercial plumbing and drainage work. Over the course of several years, Drain It has conducted extensive surveys on the island of Jersey, alongside a major project with the Government of Jersey.

The surveys carried out by Drain It primarily highlighted issues relating to water infiltration and the need for an overall improvement to the island’s drainage system. With long lengths of lengths of pipeline in various locations across the island needing to be repaired, this project needed to be done effectively and with minimal disruption – resulting in the need for CIPP lining methods to be used.

Due to the need of future proofing the islands drainage system, the Government of Jersey mandated that any drainage liner installed must be CIPP leak tightness tested as per the Water Research Centre’s CP308 standard.

Drain It selected liner from BRAWO® SYSTEMS, their BRAWOLINER® XT. An extra strong liner that has a higher stiffness whilst still maintaining it’s unique flexibility that comes with the BRAWOLINER® range. The construction of the BRAWOLINER® XT make it compliant with the WRc’s CP308 leak tightness test to meet the contractual obligations with the Government of Jersey.

Collaboratively with S1E Ltd, UK specialist suppliers in trenchless technology and UK partners and distributor with BRAWO® SYSTEMS, A whole island rehabilitated by BRAWOLINERDrain It was supplied with various lengths of the BRAWOLINER® XT liner and their BRAWO® III resins. S1E also provided onsite support from Andrew Sapnik, Area Sales Manager at S1E and technical support from Thomas Matthias, from BRAWO SYSTEMS GmbH.

On site in Jersey for five days, Thomas and Andrew assessed Drain Its liner installation practices and provided recommendations for enhancing their procedures. Throughout the week both representatives were on hand as Drain It installed liners ranging between 150 and 300mm in diameter with lengths spanning for 50 to 150 metres.

Carl Burrell, Managing Director at Drain It Ltd, commented: “We started working with the Government of Jersey sewer rehab project in 2016, initially surveying and assessing the islands drainage system. Due to the requirements from Government of Jersey we needed to ensure we were working with accredited and quality products. We’d worked with BRAWO® products before, and they have a good and trusted reputation within the industry.”

He continued: “We appreciate both the team from S1E and BRAWO® SYSTEMS making the time and effort to join us on site and provide support during the installation. It’s so valuable to have that support on such a large project like this and provides us with confidence we can rely on our suppliers.”

Water infiltration is a common challenge in the drainage industry, but using CIPP installation methods, alongside the reliable and accredited liners from the BRAWOLINER® range, Drain It were able to successfully renovate and rehabilitate long lengths of repair, all above ground and with minimal disruption to improve the Jersey’s drainage systems structure and flow capacity.

The main benefits of the BRAWOLINER® lining range include:
• Special loop construction creating a woven product with no seam.
• DIBt certified and has passed CIPP leak tightness test from the WRc (CP308).
• Extremely flexible to line defective pipes with bends of up to 90° and up to two changes in dimension.
• Good reputation on being reliable within the drainage industry.

Hakim Dehimi, International Sales Director at BRAWO® SYSTEMS, said: “BRAWO SYSTEMS GmbH, has the knowledge of 25 years’ experience in rehabilitation of inhouse and domestic sewers. We are very proud we can join with S1E and provide onsite support to users. We are looking forward to continuing to work in partnership with our partners in UK.”

Andrew Sapnik, Area Sales Manager at S1E, said: “It’s been great to join the Drain It team out in Jersey to help with this project. At S1E we are committed to not only providing high-quality products from reputable manufacturers, but also providing excellent customer service; so, it was important to us to ensure we can dedicate the time and key resources to support our customers.”

The current contract with Drain It Ltd for this project is scheduled to continue until April 2024, with numerous additional contracts anticipated for upcoming rehabilitation projects in other areas.


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