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Wales & West Utilities Celebrates Milestone

sviWales & West Utilities Celebrates Milestone Acquisition of Steve Vick International Trailers

Wales & West Utilities (WWU) has proudly announced the acquisition of 128 trailers from industry leader Steve Vick International (SVI) over the past three years, significantly enhancing operations for its gas mains replacement programme across Wales and the south west of England.

These acquisitions are a testament to WWU’s commitment to reducing environmental impact while enhancing operational efficiency across its network in Wales (Cardiff, Llandarcy, Wrexham), Central (Bristol, Swindon Bridgwater), and South West (Exeter, Plymouth, Redruth) regions.

The strategic partnership between WWU and Steve Vick International is a critical building block in WWUs long term plans for improvement and transformation of gas transportation across its distribution network. The Hexi Trailer’s introduction marked a significant leap forward in their sustainability goals, enabling WWU to substantially reduce pipe wastage while maximising the benefits of insertion techniques.

Prior to the adoption of the Hexi Trailer, WWU faced challenges with pipe wastage rates averaging 20% annually, particularly in diametersSVI of 63mm, 75mm, and 90mm. However, the transition to 500-metre coils has led to a remarkable reduction, slashing pipe wastage to just 7%, significantly improving the bottom line.

Beyond environmental benefits, the Hexi Trailer offers various cost-saving advantages, including reduced fusion time, fewer pipe fittings, and minimised excavation requirements. With its innovative design featuring a hexagonal drum frame and hydraulic operations, the Hexi Trailer ensures efficiency and safety, with all loading and dispensing procedures carried out from ground level. The Hexi Trailer boasts GIS LC14 approval and incorporates features to secure leading and tail ends of PE,
ensuring compliance with industry standards and safety regulations. The Hexi Trailer is also compatible with standard longwheelbase vehicles enhancing versatility and accessibility across diverse project sites.

“We are proud to partner with Steve Vick International in our journey towards sustainability and operational excellence,” said Jeanie Beasley, Transport Compliance Officer at Wales & West Utilities. “The adoption of SVI’s innovative solutions underscores the industry’s collective effort to minimise environmental impact while delivering superior performance.”

As WWU continues its mission of excellence in gas mains replacement, the collaboration with Steve Vick International underpins a shared commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

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