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The RSM Gecko Cam

The RSM Gecko Cam


The RSM Gecko Cam is tailored to the user, boasting a multitude of benefits to ensure optimum user experience. Incredibly versatile, it is suitable for use in diameters ranging from 50mm to 300mm and easily transportable to the job site. It is a robust system that is supplied with a detachable monitor to enable easy viewing (and charging) on site. Gecko Cam has a multitude of additional benefits to ensure usability, such as: WiFi Connectivity; USB memory storage; an impressively large internal memory; the option for additional USB memory storage; a large TFT display screen and bright LED lighting within the monitor.


Comes integrated with detailed reporting software, allowing the user to complete a report whilst conducting an on site survey.

The software enables the user to add numerous observations and sections to the report, including still images and video, and move from one site to another without having to close the report.

The system is available with reel lengths of 40m, 60m, 80m and 120m.

There is a HD display screen which is still easily readable in direct sunlight.

The display is protected by a front panel manufactured from gorilla glass to ensure durability.

The camera head is self-levelling for ease of use.

RSM Gecko Cam Features:
Metre counter (viewing available in either metres or feet).
Detailed reporting software included for no additional cost.
USB 3.0 recording, with a suitable USB memory stick supplied.
Supplied as standard with an extensive 128GB internal memory.
Option to record to internal, external, or both memories.
Integral high power 3 Frequency Sonde.
Compatible with both WinCan and Viewline.

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