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SAUDI ARAMCO Approves the Use of Electro Scan

SAUDI ARAMCO Approves the Use of Electro Scan for Leak Detection of Buried Non-Metallic Piping

Saudi ARAMCO has approved the use of Electro Scan Inc.’s electrical resistance technology for leak detection of buried non-metallic piping, in accordance with SAUDI ARAMCO ENGINEERING REQUIREMENTS (SAER-12366).

In January 2024, Brad Weston (Managing Director UK) led the Electro Scan UK team that arrived at an undisclosed location in Saudi Arabia where benchmark challenge testing was conducted on non-metallic lines. Brad was joined by UK management personnel Chris Fisher (Head Of Sewer Projects) and Gwyn Jenkins (Head Of Clean Water Projects) to help oversee trial briefs and testing.

Brad Weston (Managing Director UK) said “We are delighted to achieve this prestigious engineering designation after a successful field benchmark challenge that was held in Saudi Arabia by our hosts Saudi ARAMCO. A great team effort from the UK crews on the ground in KSA and US staff providing online support.”

By measuring the change in electrical resistance of a pipe wall, Electro Scan is unique in its ability to precisely locate leaks, including the assessment of pipe wall integrity, and estimated leakage rates in gallons per minute or litres per second.
Electro Scan’s use of low voltage, high frequency-based sensors automatically locates and maps each defect opening, thereby helping to better locate pipe defects.

Brad Weston also stated, “This is just another example that Electro Scan’s FELL Technology is benchmarked to find those hard-to-find leaks in non-metallic pipe. It is a great tick in the box for an organisation such as ARAMCO to back our claim and I would like to thank our hosts for all their hospitality while we were there.”

FELL has also been benchmarked in mapping pipe wall conditions of cement-based pipelines, including Asbestos Cement Pipes and Cement Mortar-Lined Steel Pipes, in addition to certifying new pipe installations as watertight.

Unaffected by ambient noise, flow velocities, groundwater levels, pipe pressures, or soil types, Electro Scan has re-purposed the use of high-resolution underwater CCTV cameras to first identify defective pipe locations using Electro Scan FELL technology; then reposition in-pipe cameras at Electro Scan defect locations to conduct AI particulate tracing to confirm exit locations by clock position of a pipe.

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