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S1E celebrate UV-CIPP Lining partnership

S1E celebrate UV-CIPP Lining partnershipGrowing demand for quality and training expands continued CIPP Lining partnership.

S1E celebrate UV-CIPP Lining partnership, by announcing the first SAERTEX multiCom® installation training programme to be held in the UK.

S1E and SAERTEX multiCom announced their new partnership on the 3rd of April 2023; now celebrating their first anniversary together they are pleased to announce their new installation training opportunity to take place in the UK.

Both S1E and SAERTEX multiCom have been working closely together throughout the year helping supply various drainage contractors with the SAERTEX-LINER® MULTI Type S+ and new Type E liner for gravity applications. The liners have strong mechanical properties, with lower wall thicknesses, shorter curing times, higher pulling forces, as well as a service life of up to 100 years.

S1E has helped deliver SAERTEX-LINERS liners to sites and worked alongside national representative, Chris Watson, the S1E celebrate UV-CIPP Lining partnershipTechnical Sales Manager – UK & Ireland at SAERTEX multiCom® to provide onsite support and guidance with installs.

Due to continued growth of demand and interest in the SAERTEX-LINER®, the SAERTEX multiCampus will be in the UK for the first time, to deliver installation training in partnership with S1E Ltd.

The comprehensive training programme over two days at S1E Head Office will enable participants to learn more about the products and technologies required for trenchless pipeline rehabilitation with the SAERTEX-LINER® which will include practical installation training, theoretical expert knowledge, and a certification from SAERTEX multiCom, as they become a certified installer.

“When we started this partnership with S1E, in addition to material supply, we were already planning further steps to implement a higher level of service and support,” commented André Oberfeld, Area Manager Northern Europe & UK at SAERTEX multiCom®.

He continued, “We’ve seen great interest from contractors wanting to come to SAERTEX multiCom for installation training, however due to contracted work and the logistics of sending whole lining teams to Germany, we believe this is the perfect opportunity with our S1E partners to bring the training to the UK and extend our service levels.”

“We are glad to have found a strong partner in SAERTEX multiCom. This new training partnership is great added value for our customers. Not only does it show we can supply high-quality, market-leading products to our CIPP Lining range, but also support our customers by bringing this advanced training programme to the UK, so customers can gain expert support more conveniently.” says S1E General Manager, Terry Ingleby.

The new training opportunity hosted by S1E and SAERTEX multiCom will improve the availability of SAERTEX-LINER installation training and enable expert knowledge to be passed on when purchasing materials. Both companies are continuing to work in partnership to provide products and services for the trenchless rehabilitation industry, that protect the environment and benefit customers.

If you are interested in attending SAERTEX-LINER installation training for users, you can register your interest for the first training course of the year following the link below:

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