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Mammoth Equipment Ltd launch Mammoth Suction powered by Streicher

Mammoth Equipment LtdMTS are pleased to launch Mammoth Suction powered by Streicher.

Mammoth has been involved in small trailer mounted excavation equipment since 2014 but the collaboration with Streicher brings new high performance tracked units to the UK.

The unit can be trailer mounted at under 3.5 Tonne, offers onboard air and excellent suction.

What makes this special is that it was developed following disappointing trials of all other available equipment on the market. Streicher needed units for their contracting division and using their in-house development team they designed, manufactured, and trialed the VC70.

The UK is the first country to market these units for sale, with all existing units being manufactured for internal use, where they have been utilized for some time with great success. Support and feedback from operators has led to the product on offer today.

You can truthfully say the VC70 has been built by contractors for contractors!


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