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Jet Aire invests in robotic cutting resources

Jet Aire have made another significant investment in our drainage remediation resources following the acquisition of additional robotic cutting equipment.

Further enhancing our exceptional IMS Robotics fleet, our new DN80-250 IMS Micro Automatic Plus is a highly versatile and flexible robotic cutter designed for jobs in difficult pipe situations. Providing both automatic and manual feed with climbing and creeping function, the equipment can operate vertically or horizontally, through 90° elbows and small access openings.

Jet Aire’s engineers use robotic cutters to open any laterals that are covered up when a liner or patch is installed. In addition, we also employ them when an item in a drain run cannot be removed using traditional high pressure water jetting attachment

Providing 50 metres of solid hose, the DN80-250 IMS Micro Automatic Plus has high work efficiency due to its axial feed of approximately 100mm. The robot head is remote-controlled and a powerful air motor offers an extremely high cutting force. The cutting robot incorporates detachable individual components, which reduces the length of maintenance operations.

Jet Aire Managing Director, Darren Pavan, said:

“Providing advanced technology and equipment for our site operations is a vital part of Jet Aire’s service delivery. The DN80-250 IMS Automatic Plus is another superb investment which supports the quality and efficiency of our maintenance and remediation. It enables our engineers to carry out a technically demanding work with maximum precision, assisting a faster turnaround of projects.”


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