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Introducing The Nuron Cordless Range


Partnering With Hilti: Introducing The Nuron Cordless Range

Last October a few members of the Glanville SHE team had the privilege of attending the highly anticipated Hilti event in Exeter. This event unveiled Hilti’s cutting-edge Nuron range of cordless battery tools. During the event, Paul and Hollie had the unique opportunity to get hands-on with these tools, thoroughly testing them in a controlled environment, and the results were nothing short of impressive.

Following the event, a couple of our highly skilled Gangers took these innovative tools to the field, where they rigorously assessed their feasibility while performing vital repairs. Their experience provided invaluable insights into the remarkable capabilities of the Nuron tools. Not only did they demonstrate exceptional performance, but they also showed promise in enhancing our operational efficiency, fostering a safer working environment, and making significant strides towards our sustainability goals.

As part of our commitment to the well-being of our workforce, the SHE team has conducted a comprehensive assessment of the Hilti Nuron range. Introducing The Nuron Cordless RangeThey found that these tools offer a lightweight alternative to fuel-powered counterparts, making them easier to manoeuvre and significantly reducing the potential risks associated with common site hazards. In particular, the Civils teams, who frequently face challenges related to hand-arm vibration and dust exposure from traditional tools, will benefit greatly from the Nuron range. These tools come equipped with innovative features like AVR (Active Vibration Reduction) to minimise hand-arm vibration and DRS (Dust Removal Systems) to virtually eliminate exposure to construction dust, including concrete cutting, drilling, and breaking.

One of the standout features of the Nuron tools is the groundbreaking SensTech technology, a touch-activated system that instantly shuts off the tool if an operator’s hand is released from the grip. This feature is especially crucial for tools like angle grinders, where user error could lead to accidents if not immediately shut down after use.

We are delighted to share that Glanville Environmental has partnered with Hilti for a full three-month trial with the view to integrate these cutting-edge tools into our asset database. As a testament to our dedication to adopting the latest advancements in health and safety, three vehicles have been fitted out with these vehicles for the next three months to assess whether we will proceed in transitioning all the civils tools over to Hilti.

With the Hilti Nuron range, we are not only prioritising the health and safety of our valued team members but also taking significant strides towards our ambitious carbon net-zero targets. Embracing innovation and driving forward health and safety initiatives, Glanville Environmental is at the forefront of positive change in the industry, forging a safer, more sustainable future for our workforce.

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