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How to renovate a manhole

HERMESQuick guide on how to renovate a manhole and protect it for over 80 years!

1️⃣ Start with a thorough inspection of the manhole to determine the necessary work and identify the appropriate ERGELIT WW-Plastic modified mortar for the job. Assess the extent of infiltration and its impact on the manhole’s integrity.

2️⃣ Surface preparation is crucial. Clean the surface before coating or renovation begins. For strong infiltration, a light cleaning process with 140 bars is sufficient. Employ the PUR HERMES-WS cartridge system or the HERMES-1K bulk injection system to halt infiltration. Once infiltration is stopped, clean the surface with 400 bars for a rough and durable concrete surface with a compressive strength of at least 15 N/mm².

3️⃣ Fill smaller and larger holes and joints with a fast-curing WW-Mortar like ERGELIT-SBM to achieve a smooth surface before applying the WW-Coating mortar.

4️⃣ Apply the appropriate ERGELIT-KS1 for domestic water, ERGELIT-KS2 for industrial water, or ERGELIT-KS2BL to combat H2S corrosion. The coating thickness should be approximately 8-10 mm or more, depending on the specific situation.

5️⃣ Once the coating is applied, remember to close the manhole cover to prevent rapid drying of the coating.

6️⃣ With these steps completed, you can confidently say, “Job done!” ✔️

Protecting manholes for the long haul is vital for infrastructure durability. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to learn more about this renovation process. Let’s ensure our manholes stand strong for decades to come!



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