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Fantastic start for Bluelight Lining Ltd

Bluelight Lining LtdFantastic start for Bluelight Lining Ltd

2024 has started out fantastically for Bluelight lining Ltd within the trenchless market. With expectations for things to slow down slightly from 2023 due to new Amp periods, the general slow down of the housing industry, but it has actually been the reverse.

In 2023 we decided to start holding stock of new Bluelight systems to speed up delivery of our WRc certified equipment. Generally lead times were approx. 6 weeks and we felt that we needed to improve on this. Generally items of this value wouldn’t be held in stock, but the overall success of Bluelight has meant that we were always having to wait for equipment to be manufactured even though we were selling more and more systems every year.HIGHWAY ENGINEERING CARRYING OUT LINING WORKS

It was decided to hold at least two systems in stock at a time and this would be done on a rolling process so as soon as a system was sold a new one was ordered. With this in mind we started 2024 immediately delivering 2 Bluelight systems, a 100m system with Krasotech inversion equipment, compressors, and generator. The first customer Highway Engineering have been following Bluelight for a number of months and with the start of the year a new package of works had been released so the need for a system that could perform reliably, and continuously all whilst being transported to site in a 3.5t vehicle or trailer. The ability to supply the equipment from stock meant that there was no delay in implementing the roll out of the works package.

Deep installation for Highway Engineering Ltd

Bluelight lining ltdThe second system which was a 40m system again with Krasotech inversion equipment and compressor, generator and all the ancillary items was delivered to EPPH Drainage for their works on their existing contract rehabilitating drainage on mainly government contracts. Again the fast delivery was required as the lining works were being rolled out on a large scheme starting in February. Delivery and training were carried out at the same time and a completely green inexperienced lining crew were trained to a high standard enabling them to install standard liners in only 4 days. Although it can take many years to learn the art of CIPP the EPPH Crew picked it up incredibly quickly and consistently install up to 4 liners per shift moving from location to location. This is only possible due to the simplicity, and the use of consistent materials time and time again. All the products react the same and so installation and curing are all carried out in the same manner, this allows for correct curing each and every time, rather than having to get used to different materials that all react differently.


First live installation on site for EPPH Drainage

In march we handed over, another 40m Bluelight system to FastFix Drainage and Plumbing based in Bristol, after carrying out a demonstration for Andy Findlay and his staff in January 2024 it was decided that Bluelight was the way forward for the team, with all ancillaries including the Krasotech 700 inversion drum, Kaeser M13 compressor and Stephill generator. Training and handover again were carried out at the same time over a 4 day training period.

First DN225 installation for FastFix Drainage and Plumbing.

We have developed a fantastic training program including general site awareness, what to look out for when planning a project, system build up and break down, daily maintenance, materials handling, and storage, and then the installation and curing process. The first of the liners being installed on the first day of the training, and then the next 3 days getting used to the installation process including blind shot lining, difficult access and longer runs.

Nice shallow installation for EPPH Drainage   First Live installation on site for EPPH Drainage   Fastfix drainage and plumbing out on site for their first installation



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