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Familiar face in new position

primus lineFamiliar face in new position

Since January 2024, Julian Gers is the new Director of Business Development for Europe in Primus Line’s international water projects business unit. He has more than twelve years of experience in trenchless technologies, mainly in pressure pipe rehabilitation. And he is well known: he already worked for Primus Line from 2016 to 2020 and successfully developed parts of the German market.

In his new role, he leads a team of six business development managers across Europe. “Thanks to our team’s strong presence in various European markets, we have already achieved a high level of recognition with our reliable and proven products for the rehabilitation of drinking water pipes and sewer rising mains,” Julian is convinced and outlines his future plans: “We will continue to expand into new municipal and industrial markets: Both with our rehabilitation solutions and with our overland piping technology, designed to create bypasses for planned rehabilitation projects and for emergency situations to maintain the water supply.”

The Primus Line team is pleased to be joined by Julian, who brings a solid technical foundation, extensive industry know-how and a dedicated focus on continued growth. His great advantage is that he is already familiar with the company, the products and the people, having gained experience in various European markets after his initial career with Primus Line. Julian originally started as a water management technician and certified sewer rehabilitation consultant in an engineering firm, then worked in the field as an application and sales technician. He eventually graduated with a Masters Degree in Engineering.

Although he does a lot kilometres for work, Julian still enjoys travelling with his girlfriend to experience the culture, land and people.

primus line

Happy faces: Andreas Gross, Head of Business Unit for International Water Projects (left), welcomes “returnee” Julian Gers as new Director of Business Development for Europe.

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