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Danaher & Walsh Civil Engineering successfully repair two sewers

Danaher & Walsh Civil Engineering successfully repair two sewers

Using ‘no-dig’ technology Danaher & Walsh Civil Engineering APS successfully repaired two sewers underneath multi-storey accommodation, saving our client tens of thousands of pounds and mass disruption. One in-line trap was collapsed and the second was on a 90 degree bend.

Collapsed sewers underneath multi-storey building

Innovative ‘No-dig’ sewer repairs underneath multi-storey student flats.

Project Overview

Danaher & Walsh Advanced Pipeline Solutions is on a long-term framework for Anglian Water, along with several other companies that make up the IMR WR Alliance.

This particular job was so complex that Anglian Water asked our ‘no-dig’ team to find a trenchless solution to this challenging repair.


The in-line traps were located UNDERNEATH the multi-storey buildings. The access point was located inside the cellar, which meant going through the premises, along a corridor and down a narrow staircase into a basement with a shallow ceiling.

Before we were assigned to the project, previous engineers had suggested excavating and tunnelling under the property to reach the collapsed inline traps.

Round the Bend

In addition, the location of one of the two in-line traps was beyond a tight bend in the pipe, so it was very difficult to reach.


Utilising our innovative ‘no-dig’ technology, we were able to access the pipe and reach the collapses via the manhole covers in the cellars using remote cameras and robotic equipment.

To allow us to carry out the repair around the tight bend we fed the patch through a guide tube. The guide tube was then removed so the patch could be pulled back into place and inflated.

Completing these two jobs, including the clean-up, took just four days instead of multiple weeks, as had been forecast by the earlier engineers.

Anglian Water believes our ingenuity saved them tens of thousands of pounds on this job alone, with the potential to save many hundreds of thousands of pounds down the line, as well as reducing the H&S risks due to the less invasive procedure.

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