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Collaborative Triumph


Collaborative Triumph: Unveiling an Exciting Partnership and New Depot in Exeter

Glanville Environmental and Morrison Water Services join forces to inaugurate a new chapter of growth and excellence.

In a resounding declaration of commitment to service excellence, Glanville Environmental proudly announces a new partnership with Morrison Water Services. This alliance marks a significant stride towards their shared goal of delivering top-tier services to key clients across the South West, including South West Water, The Environment Agency and Wessex Water, alongside solidifying their positions as industry leaders. Together, they are set to establish a regional operating centre at Greendale Business Park depot in Exeter. This strategic move not only enhances their service capabilities but also underscores their unwavering dedication to excellence in every endeavour.

Situated within Greendale Business Park, the new depot stands as a testament to Glanville Environmental’s unwavering growth and relentless ambition, and this expansion amplifies their civil and repair arm in the region. The office building serves as a hub for shared innovation and collaboration, GLANVILLEaligning seamlessly with Glanville’s visionary objectives.

As the team settles into their new quarters, embarking on a gradual move-in process that spans throughout August and September, the potential of this collaboration becomes ever more evident. This move represents not only a moment of organisational advancement but also a salute to the diligence and dedication of both Glanville Environmental and Morrison Water Services.

This newly established depot setup is perfectly aligned with Glanville Environmental’s strategic plans to fortify relationships with key clients and expand their range of operations. Murray Powell, Contract Director at Morrison Water Services, envisions that this partnership will significantly optimise services for South West Water. Echoing this sentiment, Jamie Treliving, Managing Director at Glanville Environmental, emphasises the deep-seated shared values that form the bedrock of their seamless project delivery.

The dawn of this partnership heralds a future characterised by growth, efficiency, and innovation. Not only will it usher in a new era of collaboration, but it will also continue to uphold the exceptional service standards that both Glanville Environmental and Morrison Water Services are renowned for. This achievement is the culmination of the collective dedication and contributions of every team member, and it stands as a testament to their remarkable journey of stability and expansion.

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