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Clancy secures extension with Thames Water

Clancy secures extension with Thames WaterClancy secures extension with Thames Water

Clancy is delighted to secure a five-year extension to its partnership with Thames Water on Lot 2 of the water company’s organisation-wide framework for AMP8.

The capital programme will provide additional resilience to the water and the wastewater network and help to protect the local environment for communities across London and the Thames Valley.

The framework has been extended until the end of the new asset management period (AMP8) in 2030 and could see Thames award up to £4 billion of investment to undertake work on all types of above and below-ground assets. This extension will work to improve and maintain Thames Water’s vast network and infrastructure as it looks to reduce leakage and improve services for customers.

Under the framework Clancy will deliver a multi-million-pound trunk main scheme incorporating a 4.9km polyethylene (PE) main from Alderbrook to Lambswood. The route will comprise of both multi-phased open cut and innovative horizontal directional drilling (HDD) techniques. Clancy has been utilising HDD in many aspects of its work to deliver projects efficiently and with minimal disruption to communities.

Previously under Thames’ framework, Clancy has delivered a 2.2km vertical rising main in Bishops Stortford, which is Clancy secures extension with Thames Wateressential to connecting 2,500 development properties to waste treatment works. The complex project included a 500m directional drill and two further drills under the River Store and Bourne Brook which utilised auger boring machinery to ensure works were completed on time and on budget.

Clancy and its expert civil engineering teams work across seven of the UK’s water and wastewater companies, UK energy suppliers, and national infrastructure projects such as HS2 and national highway schemes.

Ronan Clancy, Executive Director at Clancy, said: “As the water industry works to improve its resilience and deals with greater demands on its services, we are delighted to continue our partnership to support these goals. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaborative growth will continue to be the driving force behind the strong relationship we’ve built with Thames Water over the course of AMP7.”

Matt Cannon, Chief Executive at Clancy, said: “The extension of our appointment on this framework is a reflection of our continual drive to ensure service delivery excellence on behalf of our clients and their customers. aim to excellently deliver vital upgrades of clean and wastewater utilities to benefit local residents and businesses. The water industry is currently facing many challenges and we look forward to working with Thames over the next five years to help secure and strengthen their network capacity.”

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