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Oct 07 2021


2:00 pm

Pipe rehabilitation with stainless steel sleeve Webinar

Pipe rehabilitation and repair with stainless steel sleeve is a purely mechanically installation system made of stainless steel and an EPDM compression seal for all common sewer, well, drinking water, and industrial pipes. The stainless-steel sleeve can be used for many different applications. Besides normal cracks, fragmented pipes, or in- & exfiltration you can also use it for root penetration or leaking joints. If the damage is longer than the sealing area of a single sleeve, it can be installed in serial as well.


How does it work?
The system seals and stabilizes the damage completely by mechanical, that means without any chemicals. Furthermore, the system is suitable for all common pipe materials (concrete, plastic and so on). The locking system – which is placed in the inside of the stainless-steel sleeve – ensures that the sleeve stays permanently in position. To expand the sleeve a special packer or special assembly tools are necessary. After the rehabilitation, the sleeve has its own static capability and absorbs the natural tectonic movements of the pipe.
And the WHY, we will explain during the presentation. This will not be a commercial webinar; we also reflect to the IKT report of partial repair and the DWA and EN standards.

About Christopher Rings

Mr. Christopher Rings is with Uhrig Kanaltechnik GmbH since October 2020. In his position, he is responsible for sales/support in the European market. Before he came to Uhrig, he worked 10 years for Vetter, a German manufacturer of Pipe Plugs where he gain valuable experience in the European trenchless technology market.

About Mark André Haebler (only for Q&A)

Mr.Mark André Haebler, MBA is with Uhrig Kanaltechnik GmbH since November 2017. In his position as Head of International Sales & Development, he is responsible for the world-wide sales, partner support and his team. Prior to his current position, he was part of the management team of Hermes Technologie GmbH, a German leader in trenchless support of manhole rehabilitation based on mortars and gouts. He is also vice president of the Austrian Association of Trenchless Technology and a member of the Board of Directors of the ISTT.

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