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Apr 06 2023


3:00 pm

ISTT webinar Geotechnical Aspects of HDD Projects

Geotechnical Aspects of HDD ProjectsGeotechnical Aspects of HDD Projects

What are the most important ground parameters for HDD projects?

The significance of soil conditions for the success of HDD projects is emphasized repeatedly among experts and becomes obvious when problems occur on-site at the latest. But what are the key underground features, and how do you get a grip on them?
This webinar will give a short overview of the most important geotechnical aspects in HDD projects to illustrate the importance of soil and rock exploration in the planning stage.

The following topics will be covered:describing soil and rock
– The most important parameters in soil and rock
– Exploration methods
– Describing and visualizing of underground conditions

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Geotechnical Aspects of HDD ProjectsDan Lingenauber

Mr. Dan Lingenauber has been a geotechnical engineer for 22 years with a background in open-pit lignite mining and geotechnical measurements in nuclear waste repository projects. He started in the HDD business working for TRACTO in 2019. TRACTO is a manufacturer of trenchless pipe-laying equipment based in Lennestadt, Germany, which has a worldwide distribution network. He consults customers, especially involved in grid operators with geotechnical information.

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