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1st International NODIG Conference

No-Dig1st International NODIG Conference


The idea for a European No-Dig conference grew from discussions between UKSTT, GSTT, FSTT and IATT at the ISTT International Conference in Florence in 2019. As a result of these discussions UKSTT agreed to host the first Conference, planned for 2020 alongside the biennial No-Dig Live event. Covid intervened so both the No-Dig Live and the Conference were postponed to September 2021. Travel was still difficult at that time but the authors all worked very hard to make the
Conference a success, some online and some in person.

A Conference is only as good as its content. With this in mind we established a Technical Committee to ensure a high standard. I was privileged to be the Chairman of this Committee and am grateful for the support of my fellow members: Prof. Stefano Mambretti (IATT), Dr. Olivier Thépot (FSTT), Julian
Britton (UKSTT), Dr. Dec Downey (ISTT) and Jens Hölterhoff (GSTT). All of them gave their time generously to review submissions during a difficult period for everybody.

The content of a Conference depends on the authors. Our objective was to focus on design of liners in both gravity and pressure applications. The keynote authors, Dr. Thépot and Dr. Gumbel, established a very high technical level which set the scene very well and the other authors’ papers each focused on a specific aspect, often practical, to support and emphasise certain key points. On behalf of the Technical Committee and of UKSTT I thank them all for their magnificent efforts in
preparing the papers and presentations.

The content of these Proceedings will remain valid and relevant for many years and I consider this 1st European Conference to be a milestone in the development and growth of trenchless technologies in Europe. Already in May 2023 a successful 2nd European Conference has been held in Milan, organized by IATT. I look
forward to future Conferences in the series to build upon this strong foundation and to disseminate technical knowledge and understanding throughout and beyond the trenchless community.


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