Waterways Drainage Ltd were handed another new Bluelight system

Waterways Drainage Specialists Ltd have had such great success with their initial smaller 40m curing system that they have decided to purchase their second complete system.

Utilising the 40m medium light head for curing multiple 90 degree bends in liners from DN100 – DN225 and a 100m large light head reel for curing up to DN300 in felt liner and DN400 in glass liners this system along with their new KrasoTech GmbH 700 inversion drum, Kaeser M13 compressor and 5Kva Stephill generator this is another fantastic addition to John Lawler’s company and his team.

John has stated:

“I have never looked back and couldn’t be happier with our first Bluelight system. It has changed the way we think about lining. I won’t ever use ambient cure or hot cure again if it can be avoided. Adding another system to our capabilities means that we can now install liners up to DN300 with our Bluelight equipment and up to DN1200 with our UV equipment”.

Bluelight is small and compact easily portable and reduces risk and labour costs, no big filters, no more towing of compressors you can increase warranties due to its high quality and thorough testing. The WRC approvals means the PAA-F liner is installed to a certain standard providing clients with the quality they expect and deserve.


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