Water Pioneer M.E. Simpson Co. Orders Electro Scan DELTA to Offer Advanced Pressurized Water Leak Detection Services

Simpson to Offer Full Range of Electro Scan Non-Acoustic Water & Sewer Pipe Condition Assessment Products, Including SWORDFISH Lead Pipe Detection Services

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Electro Scan Inc. is pleased to announce that Indiana-based M.E. Simpson Company, Inc., a leading provider of leak detection services, has ordered an Electro Scan DELTA Base Station to provide services throughout an exclusive seven-state territory in the Midwest.

For over 40-years, M.E. Simpson Co. has brought cutting-edge technologies to its water and wastewater utility clients to solve complex water distribution and wastewater collection problems, building a reputation for delivering actionable results .

A key factor in our decision to offer Electro Scan was its machine-based accuracy of finding & measuring leaks without interrupting services to customers.”
Mike Simpson, President, ME
Simpson Co., Inc.

“Electro Scan’s ability to locate leaks within 1cm and measure each leak’s severity in gallons per minute immediately caught my eye,” stated Michael Simpson, Chief Executive Offer, M.E. Simpson Company, Inc.
“M.E. Simpson Co. prides itself on its long history of adopting proven solutions that offer the best results for its clients. A key factor in our decision to offer Electro Scan was its machine-based accuracy of finding & measuring leaks without interrupting services to customers,” stated Simpson.

Electro Scan will be delivering its DELTA Base Station – the award-winning ‘Leak Detection Solution of the Year’ which has been benchmarked in the United States and United Kingdom against legacy sensor-based systems – finding leaks that are unheard by acoustic solutions.

In contrast to legacy methods that listen for leaks, Electro Scan’s machineintelligent solutions are unaffected by air pockets, customer usage, flow velocities, groundwater levels, noise, pipe materials, pipe pressure, previous repairs, or time of day.

The new service will be offered by ME Simpson Co., Inc. in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Electro Scan technology finds leaks that have been unseen or unheard for years, preserving fresh water resources and locating dangerous weaknesses in critical pressurized pipeline infrastructure.

In addition its new DELTA Base Station, M.E. Simpson will utilize Electro Scan’s
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Critical Water cloud-based application, featuring immediate access to fully processed reports within minutes after completing utility customer field surveys.

“Our team could not be more pleased and excited to offer Electro Scan’s unique and powerful technology,” continued Simpson.

The partnership allows M.E. Simpson Co. to offer its water and wastewater utility clients machine-intelligent sewer infiltration studies, rehabilitation certifications, and force main investigations, using Electro Scan’s award winning Critical Water and Critical Sewer© cloud-based applications to support M.E. Simpson’s data management needs.

“M.E. Simpson Co. is the ideal partner to provide Electro Scan services,” stated Chuck Hansen, Founder, Electro Scan Inc.
“With headquarters in Valparaiso, Indiana, Mike Simpson and his team are perfectly positioned to help cities having some of the highest concentrations of lead pipes in the country,” continued Hansen.

“M.E. Simpson’s proven track record of industry thought leadership and strong customer relationships, while actively questioning the typical ‘business as usual’ nature of most suppliers, will help water & wastewater utilities ‘Build Back Better’ as ratepayers return from mandated COVID-19 lockdowns,” stated Hansen.
Electro Scan’s DELTA represents a multi-sensor tethered-based solution that includes low voltage conductivity, 4K high-definition closed-circuit television (CCTV), acoustic sensor, and a real-time pressure sensor that automatically identifies multiple leak locations and leak severity, in the same
pipe, from a single insert point.


Electro Scan is able to assess pressurized water mains and transmission pipes ranging from 3 to 72-inches having any pipe material.
Contrary to the long-standing industry belief that leaks can be predicted based on pipe age and material, Electro Scan findings show that many leaks are due to initial construction or poor installation not properly tested.

M.E. Simpson Co.’s addition of an Electro Scan DELTA is in addition to two (2) ES-620 Trucks and a ES 620 Portable version for evaluating sanitary sewer and stormwater infrastructures to locate flood risk, sanitary sewer overflow locations, and to certify repairs & rehabilitation, including Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) lining projects.
A key advantage of Electro Scan technology is its ability to automatically identify and quantify leaks at joints, customer lateral connections, and cracks.

Focused Electrode Leak Location (FELL) technology can also identify ‘pinhole’ leaks from Trenchless rehabilitation projects, including Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP), as well as defects at customer lateral locations that may not have been present before lining.
Electro Scan’s sixth annual CIPP Leakage Survey, released January 1, 2021, found that 33% of all CIPP inspected in 2020 showed leakage rates of over 20 GPM. Since 2014, Electro Scan has conducted over 1,500 CIPP inspections around the world, from 40 different suppliers.
Electro Scan’s electrical resistance-based technology has been evaluated in benchmark studies by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the American Water Works Association (AWWA), and the Water Research Foundation (WRF). Likewise, the German-based Institute of Underground Infrastructure (IKT), UK-based Water Research Centre (WRc), and the Japan Sewer Collection System Maintenance Association (JASCOMA) have all studied and endorsed FELL technology for pipeline condition inspection, with WRc representing Electro Scan products from 2015-2020, when Electro Scan introduced its own pressurized pipe inspection solutions for the UK water market.
Electro Scan is the only worldwide supplier that produces reports in accordance with ASTM F2550, ‘Standard Practice for Locating Leaks in Sewer Pipes by Measuring the Variation of Electric Current Flow Through the Pipe Wall’ and was recently awarded its 17th patent, with additional patents pending.

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