UKSTT Mini-Masterclass Webinar Series with Tracto-Technik UK Ltd

UKSTT Mini-Masterclass webinar series with Tracto-Technik UK Ltd

Over the last couple of months Tracto-Technik UK Ltd have delivered a 3 part webinar series on an overview of Traditional Pipe Reinstatement Processes.

Part 1- was an overview of traditional pipe reinstatement processes and how over recent years there has been a lot of innovation in this field, however some of the new methods are failing to reliably achieve the proposed service life expectancies for the repair. The webinar considered if it is now time to look at the advantages of replacing failed assets with new ones, rather than just ‘papering over the cracks’.

Part 2 was all about Static & Dynamic Pipe Bursting -Bursting is more than just pushing rods up a straight section of old round pipe and pulling in a new one in its place. Although we will probably never be able to burst around a sharp bend, this webinar took a look at different bursting methods that can cope with a wide variety of challenges, and the dynamic methods that appear to have been forgotten. The webinar highlighted the potential as well as the limitations of the bursting processes.

Bringing the series to its conclusion was a webinar on Pipe Ramming –  Although the technique is strictly more of a pipe installation process, the webinar highlighted how pipe ramming can also play a vital role in the renewal or replacement of underground infrastructure. The simplicity and power of the ramming process makes it versatile and often highly cost effective.

UKSTTs Business Development Manager, Lynn Maclachlan said ‘The webinar series was a great overview of traditional pipe reinstatement processes and everyone at UKSTT would like to thank Tracto-Technik UK, especially Roger Wahl, Roger Atherton & Bjoern Freimuth for delivering these presentations and highlighting this trenchless technique so effectively”.

Recordings of the webinars were made and are available to view on the UKSTT YouTube channel








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