Think Trenchless First – UKSTT

Using trenchless techniques, to install, replace or repair underground pipelines, is not only less disruptive but is also a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of doing so.

Why dig when you can ‘Go Trenchless’!, There are so many reasons why choosing trenchless techniques can be the best option for everyone, including;

• Less C02 Emissions
• Cost effective
• Less disruptive to the general public and the local eco system
• Time saving
• Safer

UKSTT can help you decide if Trenchless methods are suitable for your project. Our website has a dedicated link for visitors to raise any technical enquiries they may have concerning trenchless technology and whether it may be applicable to any specific project:

Any enquiries received are circulated to our Corporate Members and if more detailed advice is required UKSTT have a dedicated team who will advise separately. All technical enquiries are stored on the members only area of the UKSTT website.

For all your trenchless solutions and latest news visit the UKSTT website




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