Technical Enquiry Service

The Technical Enquiry service is free and available to everybody through the UKSTT website. Anybody thinking of trenchless technology for a project, or with a problem for which they think there may be a trenchless solution, for example, can submit an enquiry and we will respond to the best of our ability and knowledge.
We have a filtering system to decide how to respond to the enquiries we receive. If there are no concerns with confidentiality or commercial sensitivity, they are circulated to the Society’s corporate members who can then respond if they wish to do so. A couple of examples that we have recently received and passed to our corporate members are;

Recent Enquiry: Contractor required to line corroded sections of a steel cooling water line.

Recent Enquiry: Possibility to line a leaking domestic water service pipe.

Recent Enquiry: Installation of a surface water outfall pipe 225 diameter.

Last year we received a number of enquiries from a very wide range of people and organisations. Most are from contractors or consulting engineers who find themselves involved in projects where they think trenchless may be a viable option but need to know more about feasibility. Some are looking for specific product information, and some for-market information. They cover rehabilitation and new installation as well as inspection and detection. Several relate to health and safety. And quite a few come from abroad.
We can often take knowledge of trenchless technology for granted but it remains relatively unknown across a broad swathe of the civil engineering and utilities sector. The Technical Enquiries are a good way to help people solve problems and also to make the knowledge of trenchless technology and its benefits more widely known.










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