Suction Excavation Range Offering Expands at MTS

MTSMTS Suction Systems UK Ltd, the Cambridgeshire based subsidiary of specialist suction equipment manufacturer MTS GmbH, in Germany recently announced a new addition to the range, the DINO6 CITY SAFE.
As the first of its type the new unit offers safe driving, safe manoeuvrability, safe access for operators to kerb side as well as safe excavation.
Built on a Mercedes ECONIC low level entry high visibility cab, the vehicle is cyclist and pedestrian friendly and benefits from a very low driver position in the cab along with a large area of wrap around glass for improved visibility when driving. There is also a kerb-side ‘bus type’ glass door with low level entry for operatives to the work side.
The 6×2 chassis with rear steer also offers excellent manoeuvrability in towns and limited access areas.
The new unit has Twin 800 mm diameter fans driving the suction operation as well as a side tipping spoil tank with capacity of 6 cubic metres. There is an on-board, high-performance compressor for air tools. The suction operation with the hydraulic hose boom is fully remotely-controlled. The unit also offers the highest performance of any City biased suction excavation system on the market.
MTS F Twin 800 mm diameter fans offer an air volume capacity up to 34,000 m3/hour, with a negative (suction) pressure capability of up to 38,000 Pa. The fan blade wheels are constructed in high abrasion resistant steel and the unit has a combined turbine power of 160 kW. Three fan speeds are available and can be selected using the remote control or via the control cabinet. There is also a central lubrication system to the main fan bearings. The ECONIC system also features FES (fuel economy system) with fast vacuum.
This suction excavation configuration is also available as a DINO10 CITY SAFE mounted on an ECONIC 8×4 Tridem chassis and which features a 10 cubic metre spoil tank. Not only does this configuration offer the extra capacity but also significant benefits with the TRIDEM rear steer manoeuvrability capability. Dyno6 City Safe
The first unit to be ordered in the UK is expected to enter service with LMD Vacuum Excavation Ltd during July 2019, adding to the company’s already extensive fleet of suction excavation equipment.
LMD’s range of equipment includes a DINO8 and a Dino12 system with twin and triple fan configurations respectively as well as a range of smaller track- and chassis-mounted equipment for small capacity, single excavation works.
The new City Safe design has been developed in order to meet the ever-increasing requirements in larger cities, such as London, Birmingham and Manchester, for construction equipment designed to reflect the requirements for a safer operational interface with other city users of roads and footways. Something which units such as grab wagons, dump trucks etc. have more difficulty in managing.
Mick Dysart, LMD’s managing director, said that: “The City Safe compliments our existing fleet and opens new avenues by gaining increased acceptance of the suction techniques within our major cities.”

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