Successful Webinar Introduces Two Game Changing Products to the CIPP Industry

RSM Lining SuppliesRSM launched its first ever webinar in December, centred around liner choice and the strengths and limitations of the products available across the CIPP industry. The webinar was a great success with over 100 attendees and is available on RSM’s Youtube channel and website if you missed it! Included within the webinar, they launched two brand new products – Echo liner and Fero Force liner.

Exclusive to RSM, Echo liner is a flexible, circular knit liner with the capability to go around bends of up to ninety degrees. It is available in diameters ranging from 100mm – 150mm and kept inRSM stock at RSM’s head office for next day delivery.

It is suitable for ambient, hot cure, and UV LED cure installation systems and compatible with:

  • RSM Epoxies
  • RSM PU silicate resins
  • LED UV vinylester resins

Echo liner is inverted using either air or water before being cured insitu. It is a seamless liner to guarantee optimum flexibility, and it is also possible to achieve a leak-tight finish with the product when used in conjunction with an epoxy resin. It is suitable for use in blind shot installations, as well as manhole to manhole.

RSMA more specialist liner, Fero Force, is RSM’s first liner specifically manufactured for use in pressure pipes. Fero Force offers a structural pressure pipe repair process, manufactured and factory impregnated in the UK. As it is manufactured in the UK, the liner can be installed within a maximum of 10 working days from date of order, giving a fast and cost-effective solution for pressure pipe repairs.

Fero Force is a PU coated inversion liner, reinforced with fibreglass and impregnated with a vinylester resin. This exclusive technology fully integrates and blends the unique properties of each, providing a structural repair for pressure pipes and rising mains. It is suitable to withstand positive pressure of up to 12 bar and RSM offer a full design service upon enquiry. Available in diameters ranging from 150mm + (in thicknesses from 3mm – 30mm +), Fero Force can be impregnated by RSM and delivered to site ready for installation, minimising the carbon footprint on site. The liner is then inverted into the pipe and cured – liner end seals are fitted to complete the repair.

This liner is commonly used in America for pressure pipes, and RSM has recently successfully completed an installation of over 800 metres in total of 600mm diameter in Jersey. With many advantageous qualities, Fero Force liner is a fantastic, reactive solution for pressure pipe rehabilitation. Fero Force:


·         Delivers excellent resin saturation and retention properties

·         Can increase by 10% to the existing pipe wall to ensure a close fit

·         Provides excellent chemical resistance against sewer effluent elements

·         Provides superior physical and mechanical properties upon ASTM testing that deliver a typical increase in flexural modulus of 100-150%

With their next webinar on resin choice in February, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the confirmed date which will be announced this month! For more information on the webinars or on any of the products discussed above, get in touch with the sales team via or phone 01709 864271.



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