STERI-KLENZE – Using OXYL-PRO – One Product – Total Disinfection

Welcome to the future of hand & surface disinfection.

Proven effective against Coronavirus and all enveloped viruses.

Oxyl-Pro – A new generation of environmentally friendly food safe stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide disinfectant with NO Silver, NO Chlorine/Harmless to aquatic life & NSF approved. It is also used within the NHS and government buildings as well as public areas/swimming pools etc.

Sterzi-Klenze – Using Oxyl-Pro – one product – total disinfection. Clean hands, vehicles and offices using the same product.

Benefits of using this system:

*No Silver -No Chlorine

*No Smell – No Taint

*Food Safe – No need to rinse off

*Not harmful to aquatic life

*Kind to Hands

*Can be used for Fogging & Spraying

*Plug and Play application for large areas

*100% Biodegradable

Contact us on 01706 222 822 or by email for further information

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