Spiral Wound PVC Pipes from NordiTube

NorditubeNordiTube is not only the technology provider for CIPP products, but also for special spiral wound pipe systems that are used for gravity and low-pressure pipes.

One fascinating project was in Equatorial Guinea for the Oyala highway, where 26 km of DN 800 mm of CONCRETLOC were installed. For this project the production of the tubes was carried out on site, which is an unique characterstic for NordiTube’s spiral wound pipes.

The CONCRETLOC is used particularly for sewage and storm drains, where high mechanical forces occur. It is reinforced with concrete and therefore a strong solution for heavy loads. What makes it especially intersting for drainage tubes in the railway and motorway sector.

Besides CONCRETLOC, NordiTube offers also further spiral wound systems like SANEALOC, DRENOLOC or STORMTANK. The dimensions ranging from DN 300 to 3.000 mm. Its special features are the excellent mechnanical properties, the enhanced hydraulic capacity, the lightweigth design and the simple handling on site.

Thomas Samanns, NordiTube’s Sales Manager for UK, has many years of experience for special rehabilitation projects for gravity and pressure pipes. He is the perfect partner to accompany projects with the right choice of system, the project assistance and on-site supervision. He will be happy to assist you also in project!



The Lightweight design of NordiTube’s Spiral wound pipes enables a simple handling on site.





   Installation of NordTube’s spiral wound pipe Concretloc

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