Speedy Mainline and Lateral Liner Curing Available by Starlight

Source One EnvironmentalThe new Starlight lateral and mainline UV lining system from German manufacturer IST is now available exclusively in the UK from distributor Source One Environmental (S1E).

“This system has a real crossover from the traditional lateral UV/LED machines and the bigger mainline UV machines. It allows you to install fully structural fibreglass GRP liners from 150mm to 300mm and up to 100 metres in length, such as the Brandenburger liners which we also keep in stock. On top, you’re able to UV cure laterals, allowing the contractor to attack both markets with the one system,” explained S1E Sales Manager, Tom Yoxall.

“One of the key benefits of the system is also the curing speed that it offers – at the largest diameters in its range, it can cure Source One Environmentalat 0.6 metres per minute – compared with curing speeds of just 0.2 metres per minute for most competitive machines.”

Larger models from IST such as the NuVision system have been available for some time and are in use on all the continents of the Globe. This new, smaller-end model is available to order now, with the first machine having been delivered by S1E to a UK customer during November.

Source One Environmental“The design of this machine covers off so many issues and concerns for installers,” stated Tom. “As well as the curing time, it offers lots of real benefits when you’re on site. It’s a flexible enough system that it can be configured to the customer’s needs, so it’s ideally suited to the contractor’s work.”

The key benefits of the Starlight system are:
• Ability to cure structural GRP liners
• Fast curing time
• Choice of light source cable – UV or LED of various lengths – located on easily changeable drums
• Works with a wide range of liners and resins for the best possible combination for any job
• Accommodates liners of up to 100 metres in length
• Can handle bends of up to 90° at all pipe sizes within its range
• Single unit with everything needed included – only a compressor also required on site
• Compact design with a small footprint, offering great manoeuvrability and includes a stair climbing aid within its built-in wheels
• Tamper-proof pressure and temperature monitoring and recording built-in
• Video recording by on-board camera built-in
• Metre counter feature
• Remote maintenance in real time by the IST Technical Team in Germany if any troubleshooting is needed
• 500 hour recommended maintenance intervals – longer than competitors
• 230V operating voltage

Source One Environmental“We’re proud to represent IST and the Starlight system as the quality and design features are streets ahead of other systems on the market,” commented Tom. “The support available to customers from our own team and also the IST experts will help contractors to get up and running quickly. It’s a package to take seriously for anyone in the market for new lining kit.”

For more information, contact the S1E Team.

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