Shortlisted – Renovation Water & Wastewater

The shortlisted candidates for the Renovation Water & Wastewater award are:


And the winner’s are….

TPMD/Southern Water – Heading Underground – Upgrading Thanet’s Sewers
The sewers beneath the streets of Ramsgate and Broadstairs are unique; constructed more than 100-years’ ago, and some more than 28-metres below the surface, pipes rest at the bottom of hand-dug chalk tunnels. Southern Water is investing more than £30m upgrading this ageing network, ensuring it’s fit for future generations. Delivered by confined space and trenchless technology experts, TPMD, this complex engineering challenge comprises of tunnel repairs and strengthening, patching, CIPP lining, manhole upgrades and new storage tanks. Working in more than 170 streets, over two summer seasons, specialist construction skills reduced the impact on these bustling seaside towns.

Wessex Water / Onsite Ltd – Weymouth Saline Intrusion Sealing
As an 18-year high astronomical tidal surge approached the sound coast in July 2020, Wessex Water identified chloride spikes via saline ingress into the sewers, around the historic harbour in Weymouth Dorset. As the sea water took advantage of defects in the 600mm trunk sewers, the process at the Radipole sewerage treatment centre would be affected. Within a few weeks of appraisal, a £450k scheme by Onsite Ltd, sealed 700m of sewers and adjoining manholes, on cost and ahead of programme. A sustainable matrix of solutions meeting high standards of H&S compliance, over a continuous framework partnership of 20 years.

Wessex Water / Onsite Ltd / Bateman Consulting Pty – The River Parrett Twin CIPP Pressure Lining Renovation
When considering the British Water Industry, the use of Cured in Place pressure liners is still relatively new, considering they were first used in the UK by Insituform Permaline Ltd; and abroad by Ashimori and Osaka Bosui and the development of Paltem and Phoenix in the 1980’s.
But with the new ISO 11297, we have the opportunity to encourage their use to a greater degree, as Wessex Water have at the River Parrett, Somerset. Twin 450mm diameter Class A, ‘Independent’ pressure linings , saving almost £1000k over alternative methods, using submarine eversion techniques to overcome highly fluctuating tidal threats.

Terra Solutions / Irish Water – Dublin’s Phoenix Park & River Liffey
The Liffey Siphons are twin 900mm diameter foul sewers approximately 3.4km in length, under Dublin’s Phoenix Park & River Liffey. Its a key section of sewerage infrastructure for Dublin’s needs. The siphons were constructed in the mid-1980s to connect the Blanchardstown to the Grand Canal Sewer System and onward to Ringsend for treatment. After cleaning & CCTV surveying the lines a suite of challenging trenchless installation/remedial works were deployed to rehabilitate the siphon inlet/outlet chambers, the two tunnels through which the siphons pass, tunnel access shafts, as well as upgrade works to the hatchboxes & flow-meters on the siphon line.

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