Shortlisted – Innovative Product

The shortlisted candidates for the Innovative Product award are;

And the winner is….

Qinov8 UK Ltd- The Aquapea®
Recent advances in polymer technology have enabled the development of a ground-breaking alternative to traditional pipeline leakage reductions and repairs called the Aquapea.
This is a pea-sized product made from a specially formulated two-part polymer with a buoyant polypropylene core, which allows it to free swim inside customers service pipelines and in most cases, repair the leaks without unnecessary costs of excavations and with little impact on the customers and environment.
The Aquapea is WRAS Approved and is water quality tested to BS6920 ‘for use in contact with water intended for human consumption’.
This is in every sense a trenchless technology.

Wessex Water Ltd, Headlight AI Ltd / Bright Innovations Group Ltd – ‘Telesto’ 3D LiDAR Modelling of Tunnels in Semi-Turbulent Flow
Telesto is a multi-sensor system with intelligent software that attaches to a floating platform that traverses underground assets for 3D modelling in semi-turbulent flow. It enhances the health and safety for workers involved in the surveying of subterranean assets by preventing confined spaces entry, thereby removing the associated hazards. It goes beyond CCTV and laser profiling solutions on the market and provides a more cost-effective route towards asset digitalisation compared with traditional surveying techniques. The customer obtains the 3D information and the position of defects and anomalies, which are automatically extracted and reported using traditional and machine learning approaches.

SGN/ULC Technologies / RPS – Robotic Roadworks & Excavation System
SGN and ULC Technologies have collaborated to develop an advanced robotic system to pave the way for change in the way utility roadworks are performed. The Robotic Roadworks and Excavation System (RRES) will replace conventional methods of excavation, utility interaction and reinstatement.
Using a precision robotic arm with hot swappable tooling including a below-ground locating sensor package, RRES will use AI, machine vision, and “soft-touch” excavation tools on an electrically powered mobile platform to provide an end to end solution.
By eliminating the need for traditional equipment and processes, the system promises a range of benefits including minimising disruption, emissions and safer working conditions for operatives in the field setting a new standard for the future of roadworks.

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