Schur – Steri-Klenze OXYL-PRO One Product – Total Disinfection


Oxyl-Pro One Product – Total Disinfection

Morrison Utility Services today took delivery of their brand-new STORM disinfection system. MUS are committed to protecting their employees with the best and most innovative equipment available, coupled with the OXYL-PRO disinfectant, it makes a formidable team ensuring the safest possible environment for employees.

The STORM unit is a fully self-contained Plug and Play system with no trailing cables or wires, ready to use at a moment’s notice.

OXYL-PRO disinfectant, is the one product for Hands/Offices and Vehicles, no other disinfectant product is required.

How much does the STORM unit cost? = only £549.00 ready to use.

Carrying out your own disinfection is not as expensive as you may think.


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