Sanivar – Transforming Pressure Pipe Refurbishment

Despite the many challenges of the last 12 months SANIVAR have continued to expand their global presence and have delivered a wide portfolio of projects both here in the UK and around the world.

Our lining technologies are designed specifically for the refurbishment of pressure pipe infrastructure and are well proven on both potable and wastewater networks though short term regulatory constraints have so far limited their use on UK clean water pipelines. Additionally our liners have been used successfully on European gas networks and are equally suitable for district heating and chemical pipelines

SANIVAR manufacture two lining systems :

Saniline is a conventional CIPP type liner with the added benefit of being tested to withstand pressures of upto 32bar. Available in diameters uti 800mm Saniline uses an ambient cure resin system of installation with the liner inverted through a pressure drum. Its high tensile strength limits the wall thickness to a maximum of 3.5mm providing flexibility to navigate 90 degree benda and significantly reducing flow losses associate with alternative trenchless technologies ( slip lining etc).

Sanitube is an innovative ‘winch through’ liner with the same structural properties of Saniline but the added benefit of not requiring any curing. The liner is winched through the host pipe and inflated using compressed air which is used to expand the liner to the internal diameter of the pipe before being retained using bespoke end couplings.

Within the UK Sanivar have delivered a number of wastewater projects all of which presented challenges that could not be easily overcome using existing trenchless technologies.

Anglian Water Rising Main Refurbishment

In November 2019 Sanivar completed a 25m refurbishment of a 100mm PVC rising main for Anglian Water at Stansfield. The main was adjacent to a pumping station and ran through a bridge decking over a water course adjacent to a public footpath. The main had a frequent burst history resulting in a significant pollution threat. Working with Public Sewer Services (AWS Drainage Supply Chain Partner), Sanivar used Sanitube to complete a full refurbishment within a single working day, minimizing asset downtime and significantly reducing customer impact by negating the need for prolonged road closures and lengthy diversions.

Yorkshire Water Wastewater Refurbishments

Working with Peter Duffys, Sanivar have completed two wastewater projects on behalf of Yorkshire Water.

At Colburn STW a 22m section of rising main was refurbished using Sanitube. The pipeline ran beneath other critical above ground assets and in addition to navigating a 45 degree bend the liner also had to accommodate a change in diameterfrom 200mm to 250mm adjacent to the reception pit. The liner was successfully installed and pressure tested over the course of two working days in conjunction with a wider scope of works on site.

Last month Sanivar and Peter Duffy completed a refurbishment of a 300mm diameter rising main at Agbrigg in the Calder Valley. This complex project involved refurbishing a 125m of cast iron main adjacent to a mainline railway including a pipe bridge over the River Aire. Access was limited due to the proximity of the railway and all work was carried out under Network Rail supervision. The pipe route included a redundant chamber, changes in diameter and gradients and a complex configuration of bends all of which were located beyond the railway boundary making them inaccessible. Additionally the final section of pipeline flowed into an open manhole effectively making it a gravity rather than pressure pipeline. Sanitube was selected on the basis that it could accommodate the complexity of the pipeline and would minimize installation time in a potentially hazardous environment. The liner was successfully installed in 90 minutes and after inflating and making minor adjustments the main was reconnected and backfilled two days later.

A Lock Down Record – Wellington NZ

Beyond the UK, Sanivar recently completed a groundbreaking project in Wellington New Zealand, setting a new record for installation length by completing parrel refurbishments of two 1.5km pipelines in a single pull ….. all under Covid restrictions !

The project was supported by Sanivar from their German base and material and technicians were transported on a returning repatriation flight with special permission granted for entry by the New Zealand authorities. Working and living under controlled conditions the team successfully completed the Sanitube installations within 24 hours, proving that where there is a will there is often a way and that our linings offer the opportunity to complete refurbishments whilst operating safely and in conditions compatible with Covid security.


Commenting on the last year Sanivar’s Business Development Manager Tim Farley highlighted the progress made in the UK and the exciting opportunities that 2021 present :

“ 2020 provided Sanivar with the opportunity to build on its existing portfolio of UK projects and gain enhanced product awareness across the utility sector. We enter 2021 with a healthy pipeline of projects including a further AWS installation at Billericay. We are in dialogue with most of the UK Water companies and representatives from gas and district heating providers. The imminant Reg 31 approval for Sanivar liners to be used on UK potable networks is a potential gamechanger and could play a major role in delivering leakage reduction outcomes safely and more economically across the water sector”

For further details or to request a Sample Pack including technical and project data sheets please contact Tim Farley on 07761 512636 or


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