RSM Lining Supplies Global Ltd didn’t let the volatile weather dampen their spirits at the long awaited No Dig Live 2021 exhibition!

With the launch of some fantastic new additions to RSM’s extensive product range, those that attended the exhibition were lucky enough to see a variety of demonstrations of RSM’s new and existing product range, such as the premiere of their diameter change UV Speedyliner! Like standard UV glass liner, this is installed using the drag-in method but has the capability to cope with a diameter change. With the increased strength characteristic of traditional UV liner but added benefit of diameter change, this one-of-a-kind product really fills a gap in the market.

Further increasing the working capacity of the Speedylight+ System, Sewertronics recently introduced the brand-new XL Spectralight head. The powerful 1800W head has the capability to cure felt liners up to 400mm in diameter and standard UV glass liners in diameters up to 600mm. To demonstrate these fantastic capabilities RSM cured a length of UV impregnated Magmaflex Liner with the head every day of the exhibition.

The newest addition to RSM’s UV LED portfolio, the Sewertronics QuickPatch Lite, also made its debut at No Dig. The Sewertronics UV LED QuickPatch Lite cures pre-impregnated UV material for spot repair in diameters ranging from 80mm to 600mm. Offering exceptional curing times, the QuickPatch Lite’s high-power UV LED incorporates a breakthrough, shadowless technology that guarantees full radiation reach onto the entire surface of fibreglass impregnated with UV resin. The QuickPatch Lite is set to change the game in the sewer rehabilitation industry, by bringing incredibly fast curing times, portability, and easy-to-use features to the market.

Another of RSM’s specialist liners (Echo Liner) was impregnated with a leak-tight UV resin and then cured using the Sewertronics Speedylight System at No Dig. Exclusive to RSM Lining Supplies, Echo Liner is a highly flexible, seam-free liner with the capability to go round bends of up to ninety degrees. It is suitable for all installation methods and compatible with RSM’s full range of Epoxy, Silicate, and UV resins.

The incredibly popular Dancutter Superflex & Maxiflex systems were put to good use throughout the week as well! Suitable for diameters ranging from 75mm to 150mm, the Superflex is ideal for reopening laterals or removing hard deposits (such as concrete) whilst the Maxiflex is one of the most powerful cutting tools in the industry! It has an incredibly robust motor, making it fast and efficient whilst maintaining a reasonable level of flexibility (suitable for bends of up to 45 degrees). It is ideal for use in larger pipes and is suitable for use in diameters ranging from 150mm – 300mm. Both units are compatible with pipes manufactured from PVC, cement, concrete, cast iron or steel.

Another strong talking point at RSM’s stand revolved around their WRc approved, EU Skills accredited, CIPP Lining and Patching Training Course – an in depth delve into the world of CIPP, providing an understanding of all levels of lining and patching to increase the quality of workmanship within the CIPP industry. This has been designed specifically for drainage engineers, water authorities, site managers, and tier 1 contractors to offer confidence that all attendees are trained to a high skill level and are able to successfully install liners & patches up to 300mm in diameter!

All at RSM Lining Supplies would like to thank everyone that attended No Dig 2021 for making it such a memorable show, especially after a long two years in and out of lockdown!




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