Power – Hybrid – UV Curing Technology made by Relineeurope

Reline EuropeWhenever a sewage pipe is rehabilitated using an Alphaliner, you need stable power supply for the specialized equipment. “Running a big power generator, just to supply a single vehicle with electricity during the early morning hours, is simply not efficient,” stated Philipp Martin, RELINEEUROPE’s Sales Director Europe. For this reason, RELINEEUROPE now offers its power-hybrid technology across the entire product portfolio.

Generally, modern UV systems come equipped with a power generatorRelineeurope ranging between 30-60 KVA electrical output. Yet, this total power capacity is only needed during the actual UV curing process, which only takes place during a few hours of the day. For the remainder of time, a large part of this power is not utilized. RELINEEUROPE will change this permanently, giving their customers a choice between investing in a new UV curing system with a conventional power supply or the new power-hybrid solution.


The Advantages of this Technology at a Glance

–      Cost reduction by lowering diesel consumption by up to 6,000 liters p.a.

–      Larger service intervals for the generator due to fewer daily operating hours

–      Longer service life and later investment in a new replacement generator

–      Environmentally friendly and smaller carbon footprint

–      Less noise pollution impacting both humans and nature

–      Short amortization period


These convincing arguments are what drove the company to develop a sustainable solution to address these issues.


Technical Facts

–      Modular design with 5 – 20 KW battery capacity

–      Automatic switch-over from generator to battery-powered operation

–      Smart charging of the battery pack during the curing process

–      Battery-powered operation also possible at low ambient temperatures

–      Minimum of 3,500 charging cycles


„Our customers are very satisfied with these facts and the resulting benefits. Over the past 12 months, an increasing number of UV systems with power-hybrid technology have been ordered,” according to Martin.

Relineeurope              Relineeurope

Just recently, several UV systems using the power-hybrid technology were delivered to customers:

For instance, a REE4000 Professional handed over to the rehabilitation company Umwelttechnik & Wasserbau from Frankfurt, or the REE2000 Professional delivered to KATEC Kanaltechnik from Jünkerath, Germany.

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