Just when the pipeline cleaning and clearing industry start to look at minimising its carbon footprint alongside the rest of the buried services sector, Picote Solutions has launched two of its latest easy to use and easily transported miller options in a battery-powered format. The two new units are the Battery-powered Mini Miller and the Battery-powered Mini Cleaner. Based on the company’s existing Mini Miller and Mini Cleaner models, the new units are totally cordless when operating and feature a new dedicated brushless motor.

The Battery Mini Miller and Battery Mini Miller have already proven to be a hit with contractors in the U.K. Dyno-Rod Thames Valley Region trialled both machines for pre-planned maintenance work and reported an approximate time saving upwards of 40% on previous visits for the same works!


The battery-powered Mini Miller is designed to make quick work of cleaning and descaling as well as root removal in pipes between DN50 and DN100 (2 in to 4 in diameter) pipes. The units are also applicable to cutting and reinstatement works in pipes from DN50 to DN75 (2 in to 3 in diameter). This achieved with the Mini Miller’s 8 mm (⅓ in) diameter shaft which offers a reach of 16 m (50 ft), which can be lengthened by 10 m (33 ft) using a shaft extension.

The Mini Miller can also be paired with the Picote Mini Coating Pump which enables Picote Brush Coating™, an applied coating lining technique, in pipes from DN50 to DN150 (2 in to 6 in diameter).

The battery power option is easier to transport and operate independent of any power outlet requirements and for charging it does not need a transformer in the UK market, reducing the worksite footprint further and increasing efficiency.


The new battery-powered Mini Cleaner is now also available for cordless operation. It is applicable for cleaning, descaling, root cutting and brush coating operations in pipes from DN32 to DN75 (1¼ in to 3 in diameter).

As with the Mini Miller the unit is easier to transport and operate independent of any power outlet requirements and for charging it does not need a transformer in the UK market.

The Mini Cleaner has a reach of 16 m (50 ft) and utilises a highly flexible 8 mm (½ in) diameter shaft. Working in smaller diameter pipes this allows the unit to negotiate multiple 90o bends as well as P-Traps as small as DN50 (2 in diameter).

In countries where siphonic toilets are not utilised, for example the UK, the Mini Cleaner configuration allows the unit to operate through the toilet bowl and into the pipe stack for cleaning operations.

Both units have two battery options are available, Standard and optional High Output, which offer a continuous operating capacity of 3 and 4 hours respectively. The units also provide the operator with a hands-free option as both are operated using a foot pedal. The stepless speed control of the foot pedal offers high speed and high torque operation at between 800 and 2,200 rpm. Both units have reel brakes fitted as standard.

If a power source is available close by, battery charging for both units can be undertaken even when the units are operating.


Both the Battery Mini Miller and the Battery Mini Cleaner can also be retro-fitted or upgraded at point of sale to operate with the Picote +C option which allows operations to viewed in real time via an on-board CCTV camera to monitor progress of the works.

Commenting for Picote Solutions Dawn Greig, Senior Director, Picote Solutions said: “With the growing drive towards net zero and the need from contractors, including our own, to be able to access worksites that have limited or no direct power supply, Picote’s R&D team knew that the battery-powered option was truly the only way forward. Now, after careful design and testing at worksites, this cordless solution is fully available and proudly offered to pipeline cleaning and rehabilitation contractors across the globe.”


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