Pipe Rehabilitation – NON CIPP Shortlist

Pipe Rehabilitation – NON CIPP Shortlist. This award will be presented to the entry best demonstrating their key roles in successful pipeline renovation or rehabilitation projects of any diameter using techniques other than CIPP https://www.ukstt.org.uk/renovation/

To book a place at the Awards Ceremony please follow this link https://www.westrade.co.uk/cgi-bin/start.cgi/files/UKSTT-Awards-2022/initialise.html?workdetail=index.html

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The Finalists are:

Danaher & Walsh (Civil Engineering) Ltd, Anglian Water Services Ltd & Wilkinson Environmental Ltd

4m Depth Collapsed Sewer Repair, Grand Parade, Skegness, Lincolnshire

A tricky sewer repair dubbed ‘mission impossible’, involved the collapse of a 300mm diameter sewer, 4m below an entertainment complex in the busy seaside resort Skegness. To add to the challenge, the pipe was completely full of rubble, brick, paving stones and metal debris.
Following bench tests, a system was devised using a resin to bind the debris together, allowing it to be robotically cut from the pipe. The resin was injected by running a small bore pipe through a custom inflatable packer.

Genseed Underground Services Ltd, OnSite Central Ltd & Persimmon Homes

Barnstable Pipe Upsizing by Encapsulation

Question: How do you upsize a 21m long 600mm diameter concrete stormwater culvert to 750mm that is running beneath a road that cannot be closed to traffic with the added complications of shallow depth and other services crossing nearby?
Answer: You think outside the pipe, adapt your existing equipment and techniques, and deliver the results.

Steve Vick International & Cadent

Foambag Operation on Stubs – (FBOS)

FBOS enables the total replacement of metallic T1 stubs under ‘live’ conditions and permanently seals the annular space between the new PE pipe and the metallic stub, right up to the final transition joint, preventing future leakage. FBOS is carried out remotely and allows engineers access to areas of pipework where additional planning would otherwise have been required, for instance, underneath busy junctions or intersections. Due to the remote application of FBOS, the technique significantly reduces disruption to road users and customers and ensures safer working conditions for engineers and the public.

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