Pipe Rehabilitation – CIPP – Shortlist

Pipe Rehabilitation using Cured in Place Pipelining Shortlist. This award will be presented to the entries best demonstrating their key roles in successful Pipe Rehab using CIPP https://www.ukstt.org.uk/pf/cipp-lining/

For the avoidance of doubt, projects that replace the host pipe by means of bursting, splitting or eating of the original pipe and thus no longer remain dependent on any residual strength of the original pipe shall be entered for judging within the new installation rather than the renovation category of the awards process.

To book a place at the Awards Ceremony please follow this link https://www.westrade.co.uk/cgi-bin/start.cgi/files/UKSTT-Awards-2022/initialise.html?workdetail=index.html

Sponsored by:

The Finalists are;

Terra Solutions Ltd & North Yorkshire County Council

Holywell Culvert Re-Lining Works, Skipton

UV-Cure Rehabilitation of 21m of an existing ‘non-standard’ steel-corrugated 1500mm culvert at Holywell bridge for North Yorkshire Co. Co. to include a two metre 1500mm extension on both culvert ends using composite steel reinforced technology to existing overhanging slabs. The extensions were UV-lined also. The Project required extensive and considerate over-pumping, construction of new upstream and downstream headwalls finished with indigenous stones for blend aesthetics, filling and grouting of voids, traffic management, pollution control arrangements, detailed design, ecological & other environmental reports, as well as all approvals, reports, temporary works & shutter designs, surveys and material selection.

Morrison Energy Services (MES), Cadent Gas Ltd & IWJS

Cured in Place Pipe Gas at London

Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) has revolutionised the way we think of Tier 1, 2 and 3 gas mains replacement and is now set to do the same for service connections. The widespread implementation of this innovation will save thousands of working hours, minimising disruption for the public and enabling us to reach areas which were previously unreachable, minimising disruption to the public as well as our carbon footprint.
CIPP provides a new technological solution to maintain network integrity, avoiding open-cut extraction. This isn’t remediation, but (due to the low wall thickness of the pipe) a full size-for-size replacement strategy.

Clancy Group & Anglian Water

Cottenham Rehabilitation Scheme 2021 – 2022

Clancy undertook urgent rehabilitation works on behalf of Anglian Water to a degrading sewer network in Cottenham, Cambridge, a busy village for local traffic and those avoiding surrounding major routes.
The degradation of the sewer was so severe that time was of the essence to prevent a catastrophic failure.
We used an innovating lining solution, the first of its kind in the UK, to vastly reduce the impact of the works which involved considerable and ongoing liaison with external stakeholders and over 2,000 local residents.
Our approach enabled works to be successfully completed ahead of the expected time frame.

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