PIPA Live Water Pipe Inspection and Leak Detection

PIPAScope of Works
PIPA was recently contacted by a water utility client in the UK. The utility was planning on undertaking zonal studies condition assessment in 1000s of locations by using traditional techniques of excavation and pipe coupon extractions.
PIPA proposed a far better, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution, by offering pressurised pipe inspection surveys via fire hydrants.

Project Challenges
The hydrants varied in age, make and model, and a lot of pipe sizes were small diameter including 63mm.

Trial Locations
Service Company API undertook trials on 10 different locations, we identified several types of fire hydrant with smaller entry than our standard camera sensor. The other issue was controlling the launch angle, which we concluded require R and D to design a solution

Project Delivery
The original 10 locations were revisted a Month later with a new sized camera, and new launch tool which enabled the Hydrocam S to successfully enter 8 out of 10 fire hydrants.

PIPA       Site Location Showing API Team Undertaking a Pressurised Water Pipe Survey

PIPA uses technology that includes a pressure rated camera (Hydrocam s) tethered to a 105 metre semi rigid rodding to give the operator live video and recorded data during an inspection. The system enters a pipeline via a standard fire hydrant or 2” tapping, and is fully chlorinated during its Insertion; the system works on a live basis, with no Interruptions to the clients services and with several surveys undertaken this unique product can cover up to 8 surveys per day.
The technology is the latest live main inspection system on the market being fully battery powered and only requires a 1 man team for its implementation.
PIPA has also developed reporting software to quickly present the results in a detailed report document.


Survey results
 PIPA successfully developed a fire hydrant entry camera system the Hydrocam S
 API is completing 1000s of fire hydrant surveys for pipe zonal studies
 Tethered insertion technology system allowed for precise pipe assessment to give the client data including visual condition assessment, confirmation of material, lining and ID of pipes
 A true no dig solution saving 1000s of excavations, pipe coupon extractions and subsequent repairs

It would have been very difficult and expensive for contractor to excavate and remove 1000s of pipe coupons.
The camera is now commercially available globally offering a trenchless pipe assessment solution to the industry.
PIPA Representative: The project was a great success, and also a great case study for our company. The contractor had exhausted all other pipeline inspection avenues, and was more than relieved when we offered a solution.
PIPA has also delivered successful projects with the majority of the UK water utility companies, and many other projects overseas.

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