PIPA Launches the water industries first HYBRID pushrod-floating camera system the Flowrider Lite™

PIPA has released a new pressure rated camera system for pressurised water pipe inspection and leak detection on all pipe materials.

The Flowrider Lite™ is the water industries first HYBRID system that can be used as a pushrod inspection tool, or alternatively PIPA designed Hydrochutes can be attached for long range pipe inspections of up to 275 metres using the water flow.

The camera package is designed to be a universal survey tool for pipe inspection on water main sizes 4 inch and above, with a second camera system included for inspection of large diameter water pipes.
The PIPA system includes a chlorination housing and is approved for safe use in potable water networks. The Flowrider Lite sensors are rated to 16 Bar pressure.

Applications to the water sector
• Pressurised water pipe condition assessment tool
• Pipe material and lining validation
• Location of pipe defects, blockages and buried valves
• Investigate the source of dirty water prior to customer complaints (DWI)
• Asset management budget validation device (zonal studies)
• Identify illegal connections (NRW)
• Accurate leak location in all pipe materials
• Mains tracing

Pressure rated camera system video still

Leak detection in all pipe materials

Camera entry points
The Flowrider Lite™system is designed for safe use on through bore style fire hydrants and many other valves and pressure fittings installed directly on top of a water mains.

Through Bore Hydrant (camera entry point)

PIPA has developed water pipe inspection technology that includes a pressure rated camera, ultra-bright COB lights and a hydrophone sensor tethered to a 275 metre semi rigid rodding to give the operator live video and recorded audio data during an inspection. The system enters a pipeline via fittings as small as 2 inch. The camera and cable is fully chlorinated during its insertion; the system works on a live basis, with no interruptions to the customer’s water supply.
The technology is the latest live main inspection system on the market being fully battery powered and only requires a 2 man team for its Implementation.

PIPA Representative Fabio Orlandi: The Flowrider Lite system is what the industry has been waiting for, a complete system package that is simple to use and covers a wide range of pipe sizes. Its portable, quick to set up and is a great system for all water company leakage teams and contractors can add to their tool box!
PIPA has developed the widest range of pressurised pipe inspection products commercially available in the world, and has worked with the majority of the UK water utility companies and a wide range of clients overseas.

To pre order a system please contact sales@pipa-uk.com

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