PIPA CCTV Water Inlet Channel Case Study

Scope of Works

API was recently contacted by a water utility client in the UK. The site agent for a water treatment works wanted to core holes into the concrete slab of a high flow water inlet channel, and wanted to survey the underside prior to drilling.

Project Challenges

The pipeline channel had a very high water flow velocity, another contractor tried to survey the asset by using an ROV crawler however this was quickly removed from the channel due to loss of camera image.

Project Delivery

After pre surveying the location API and PIPA decided to combine 2 PIPA technologies by using a live forward facing pressurised camera the Hydrocam, and by mounting an upwards facing camera the Commissioncam to survey the slab using high powered COB lighting.

The project was completed by service partner API, who has over 14 years of experience in water pipe inspection surveys around the world.

PIPA uses technology that includes a pressure rated camera the Hydrocam tethered to a 100 metre semi rigid rodding to give the operator live video and recorded distance data during an inspection. The unique product also has a genny port for mains tracing.

During the survey areas of interest were identified including electrical cables, ducts and areas of top water ingress.

Survey results

  • API successfully delivered a full CCTV assessment of the asset
  • API also identified an unknown debris within the pipeline channel
  • PIPA tethered insertion technology system allowed for precise identification and location of all fixed cables and ducts


API identified and mapped out on a detailed data report , all areas along the channel slab to avoid when drilling.


It would have been very difficult and expensive for contractor, if they had drilled the slab and caused damage to any hidden ducts and cables, also there is a health and safety risk avoided by using in pipe CCTV.

API completed the inspection in 1 working day, and offered a full solution identifying true pipe configuration and also by ruling out any other hidden issues.

API-PIPA Representative: The project was a great success, Ideal due to pipe location and material and also a great case study for our company. The contractor had exhausted all other pipeline inspection avenues, and was more than relieved when we offered a solution.

API has also delivered successful projects with the majority of the UK water utility companies.

Site Location API Team on Site

High Flow Water Channel API Combined the Hydrocam & Commissioncam

Image of Dry Ceiling Slab  Water Ingress & Cable Duct Identified

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