Optimum time for refurbishment

Tracto - TechnikThe utility sector has continued to provide essential services during the lockdown, whilst the wider building community is now gradually opening up to re-start work and projects; albeit finding a new way of managing their operations to maintain social distancing regulations. Many suppliers to the construction sector have maintained a skeleton staff throughout this time to ensure vital parts can be supplied, machines maintained or renovated in time for the full easing of COVID-19 regulations. TRACTO-TECHNIK is a leading manufacturer of trenchless technology and has managed to keep key worker customers supplied with parts and revitalised machinery.

SSE, one of the UK’s big energy providers, has used this time for the much needed refurbishment of one of their well-used GRUNDOWINCH cable winches. The compact and towable unit was needed in tip-top condition for use on essential utility projects and was delivered back to the team after a thorough renovation inTRACTO-TECHNIK April. As well as a bodywork upgrade, the engine was fully serviced and the cam belt, water pump and all brakes were replaced. The service team at TRACTO TECHNIK even switched all the working lights to LED’s at the customer’s request.

The unit will now be deployed to site to provide a safe and easy method for the SSE team to carry out cable pulling, slip-lining and pipe bursting. The beauty of the GRUNDOWINCH is that it allows the operator to control the speed of the line and tonnage and to make sure stretching of pipe and cable is eliminated.

TRACTO TECHNIKPaul Dunne is the Workshop Manager in the Bedford HQ of TRACTO-TECHNIK UK. He and his team have been responding to requests for parts, maintenance and refurbishment work and have continued to deliver urgent parts following social distancing and handwashing protocols;

“We have many gas, electricity, water and broadband customers – the whole utility sector in fact. So, we have remained open to ensure they can access parts and service from us if required and many of them have used this time to send in machinery for refurbishment. Once life returns to some semblance of normality these companies are looking to ramp productivity up again knowing machinery is in peak condition.”

For parts, servicing, maintenance and renovations, please contact the TRACTO TECHNIK service team on 01234 342566.

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